What is the difference between Aimpoint PRO and Comp M2?

What is the difference between Aimpoint PRO and Comp M2?

But the biggest difference between the two comes when we compare their waterproof ratings. The Aimpoint PRO is rated to be waterproof in 150 feet of water, whereas the Comp M2 is only rated to be waterproof in 80 feet of water… Even though both are very impressive waterproof ratings, the PRO is clearly superior.

How long will an Aimpoint PRO last?

30,000 hours
The Pro has an impressive battery life of 30,000 hours on the 1-7 brightness settings! That’s right, you can leave this optic on for 3+ years before having to change the battery.

Which Aimpoint should I buy?

[Review] Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic): Best Red Dot?

  • Aimpoint’s Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is our favorite pick when you need a bomb-proof red dot that can stay on for 3 years on one battery.
  • If you can afford the ~$400 price tag…it’s what we totally recommend for an optic that just won’t quit.

Is the Aimpoint Pro a good red dot?

The Aimpoint Pro stands out because it’s decidedly not one of those sights. It’s a time-tested no-frills red dot sight for those who want, well, a high quality red dot sight.. As usual, we’re going to explain our rationale starting at the lens. The glass in this sight is great for the price.

Where is Aimpoint Pro made?

All Aimpoint sights are manufactured in Sweden so beware of sights and packages from China or Hong Kong. The sight shall never have solar cells. Non-transparent flip-up lens covers shall have the Aimpoint logo molded into the front.

Where is the Aimpoint PRO made?

What red dot sight does the military use?

The red dot sight that the United States military typically uses is the M668CCO Close Combat Optic. If using an M16 rifle or M4 Carbine weapon, this optic choice is the most convenient, best quality, and has the most efficient target speed.

What optics do Marines use?

Specifically, the LPVO the Marines chose is the Trijicon VCOG. VCOG stands for Variable Combat Optical Gunsight and is a 1 to 8 powered optic. The Marines labeled the VCOG as the SCO or Squad Common Optic.

Is Aimpoint Pro parallax free?

Field Performance. Aimpoint advertises the PRO as being “operationally” parallax free, which is fairly accurate.

Does the Aimpoint PRO have night vision?

The PRO sight is fully compatible with all generations of night vision devices and the Aimpoint 3XMag-1™ and 3X-C™ magnifiers. Aimpoint red dot sights are operationally parallax-free, which means the visible dot remains parallel to the bore of your weapon no matter what angle your eye is in relation to the sight.

Where is Aimpoint PRO made?

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