Who had a hit with Silver Machine?

Who had a hit with Silver Machine?

“Silver Machine” is a 1972 song by the UK rock group Hawkwind. It was originally released as a single on 9 June 1972, reaching number three on the UK singles chart.

Who was the drummer on Silver Machine?

Simon King
His first gig as sole drummer was the Greasy Truckers Party at the Roundhouse on 13 February 1972 which was recorded and released on two various artists compilation albums and as the hit single “Silver Machine”, earning King an appearance on Top of the Pops….Simon King (musician)

Simon King
Occupation English drummer

What did Hawkwind sing?

Silver MachineMagnuHurry on SundownMaster of the UniverseMotorheadBorn to Go

Did Lemmy sing in Hawkwind?

He was influenced by rock and roll and the early works of the Beatles, which led to him playing in several rock groups in the 1960s, such as the Rockin’ Vickers. He worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and The Nice before joining the space rock band Hawkwind in 1971, singing lead vocals on their hit “Silver Machine”.

Who was in Hawkwind?

Dave BrockGuitarGinger BakerDrum KitNik TurnerSaxophoneBridget WishartLead VocalsRobert CalvertLead VocalsLemmyBass

What year was silver machine?

1971Silver Machine / Released

Who was the lead singer of Hawkwind?

Dave BrockNik TurnerBridget WishartRobert CalvertRichard ChadwickTim Blake
Hawkwind/Lead singers

How did Hawkwind get their name?

Smith signed them up and got them a deal with Liberty Records on the back of a deal he was setting up for Cochise. The band settled on the name “Hawkwind” after briefly being billed as “Group X” and “Hawkwind Zoo”.

Did Hawkwind become Motorhead?

Fed up with his erratic behaviour, the band dismissed the bass player replacing him with their long-standing friend and former Pink Fairies guitarist Paul Rudolph. Lemmy then teamed up with another Pink Fairies guitarist, Larry Wallis, to form Motörhead, named after the last song he had written for Hawkwind.

Where are Hawkwind from?

Ladbroke Grove, London, United KingdomHawkwind / OriginLadbroke Grove is an area and a road in West London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, running north–south between Harrow Road and Holland Park Avenue. Wikipedia

What does Motörhead stand for?

A car enthusiast
Motorhead definition (US, slang) A car enthusiast.

What was Lemmys favorite drug?

Lemmy, the founding member and frontman of the British heavy metal band Motörhead, bragged that he drank a bottle of Jack Daniel’s every day since turning 30. He boasted about sleeping with more than a thousand women. And the man sure loved his drugs, including amphetamines.

Who managed Hawkwind?

Kris Tait – Manager – Hawkwind | LinkedIn.

Who was the girl in Hawkwind?

Stacia Blake
Stacia (born Stacia Blake, 26 December 1952) is an Irish professional visual artist who is also known as the former performance artist/dancer with Hawkwind.

Who were the members of Hawkwind?

Who played in Hawkwind?

Hawkwind are an English rock band known as one of the earliest space rock groups….

Years active 1969–present
Labels UA, Charisma, Bronze, RCA/Active, Flicknife, GWR, EBS, Voiceprint, Cherry Red
Members Dave Brock Richard Chadwick Magnus Martin Thighpaulsandra Doug MacKinnon
Past members See members article

Are Hawkwind still going?

Why is it called Motörhead?

Now on his own, Lemmy decided to form a new band called Motörhead, the name was inspired by the final song he had written for Hawkwind. Lemmy wanted the music to be “fast and vicious, just like the MC5”.

Is Hawkwind heavy metal?

They are also regarded as an influential proto-punk band. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes….

Genres Space rock hard rock progressive rock psychedelic rock acid rock proto-punk
Years active 1969–present

How did Silver Machine get their name?

A self-described “space rock” band from North Carolina named themselves Silver Machine after this song. Sweet’s hit “Ballroom Blitz” was inspired by an incident in 1973 when the band were performing in Scotland and driven offstage by a barrage of bottles.

When was Silver Machine by Led Zeppelin released?

But it wasn’t until February 1972 that they recorded their anthem. Written by guitarist Dave Brock and resident “space poet” Robert Calvert, “Silver Machine” was an unearthly onslaught of overdriven guitars, oscillating synths and blistering bass, which sounded like a distress message from a distant universe.

What was the message of Silver Machine?

Written by guitarist Dave Brock and resident “space poet” Robert Calvert, “Silver Machine” was an unearthly onslaught of overdriven guitars, oscillating synths and blistering bass, which sounded like a distress message from a distant universe.

Where was Silver Machine by the Greasy Truckers recorded?

Dave Brock (co-writer/guitar): “Silver Machine” was recorded at The Greasy Truckers Ball at the Roundhouse in Camden on a Sunday night in February 1972. During the afternoon we all took LSD in the dressing room.

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