What are the 2 types of Labrador Retrievers?

What are the 2 types of Labrador Retrievers?

There are two types of Labradors, the English Labrador and the American Labrador. The English bred Lab comes from English bred stock. Its general appearance is different than the American bred Lab. The English bred Labs are heavier, thicker and blockier.

What is the rarest Lab breed?

Silver Labrador Silver Labradors
Silver Labrador Silver Labradors are by far the rarest of all colors. These dogs are a light gray to blue color that looks silver in the sunlight. These Labradors are often mistaken for Weimaraner mixes because of their silver coat.

Are there health issues with Silver Labs?

Silver Labs suffer from the same health issues as other purebred Labs. Including a predisposition to joint problems and to over-eating! On balance though, Labs are a fairly healthy and well constructed breed, free from some of the disabilities that plague some other purebred dogs.

How can I tell if my Lab puppy has blocked head?

Block head Labs have broader heads than dogs from working lines, with a shorter muzzle and more pronounced brow bone. Overall, their entire body is broader and stockier too. Block head Labs may be more laid back than working Labs with more streamlined faces, but this is a generalisation which doesn’t always hold true.

What color Lab has the best temperament?

Because they are the dominant color, black Labs are easier to find and breed. This may result in many of the positive breed traits being bred for and passed down, such as mellow temperament, intelligence, and excellent field retrieval performance.

How do you pick a Labrador puppy from a litter?

As you watch over the litter try to narrow it down to two puppies you are interested in and watch them. Look for any excitement, playfulness, shyness, active or lying around, or differences in color, size, or other physical attributes such as tail size, ear size, forehead and snout size, etc….

What are the worst traits of a Labrador?

Negative Traits of the Labrador

  • Labradors love their food and will overeat if you let them.
  • Labradors were bred for an active life and need a lot of activity.
  • Their size and enthusiasm can make them somewhat of a bull in a china shop.
  • Their friendly nature and love of children may result in merciless face licking.

How can you tell a good quality Labrador puppy?

Check if the dog’s eye color is brown or hazel. Look into the pup’s eyes to examine the color. If the dog is a yellow or black lab, check that the puppy has brown eyes. In the case of chocolate labs, check for brown or hazel eyes. In the past, some purebred labs have had yellow-green eyes.

  • July 29, 2022