Can you still adopt Neopets?

Can you still adopt Neopets?

To adopt a pet, first make sure you have enough Neopoints on hand. Then, click on the image of the pet you wish to adopt then click the Adopt button in the bottom right corner. You will then receive a dialog box like the one shown below. Hit “Ok” and you have a new pet!

How do I get another Neopet?

You can find the adoption center by going to “Pet Central” at the top of the screen and waiting for the little screen to come up. Click on the “Neopian Pound” section. It should take you to a place with three doors. Click either the “Adopt” door or “Transfer” door to get a new pet.

How do I put my Neopet up for adoption?

1. If you wish to disown your Neopets, all you have to do is to click on the button below your pet a few times until it says ‘Sure?!? ‘. After clicking on it, your pet will be sent to the Adoption Center and can be adopted by anybody on Neopets.

Why do people abandon Neopets?

The reason for this is usually to make space on you account for more pets as you can only hold four (or five with Premium). Abandoning a Neopet basically means to disown it and it is permanent so think about it carefully before you decide to abandon your pet. Do note that you can only pound a pet once per day.

How old does your Neopets account have to be to transfer pets?

Adoption and Transfers As of December 20, 2021, there are no account age restrictions on which pets you can adopt or receive from a transfer. Prior to this, accounts less than 4 months old were restricted with what types of pets they could adopt.

How many Neopets can you adopt?

20 Neopets
You may currently have up to 20 Neopets per account: All accounts start with 6 pet slots.

What happens to Neopets in the pound?

If you have a pet that you no longer want to look after, you can disown it. Your Neopet will be kept in the Neopian Pound until some kind soul comes and adopts them. Make sure you are 100% certain you do not want your Neopet as other people will be able to adopt it as soon as you abandon it.

How popular is Neopets?

Sure, the site doesn’t boast 3.4 million users anymore, but it still has a devoted fan base of 100,000 daily active users, many of them having played for more than 15 years. Today’s users are mostly 18 to 34 and spend more than 90 minutes a day playing, according to Neopets.

  • July 30, 2022