When to dive Rangiroa?

When to dive Rangiroa?

Diving the world-class sites of Rangiroa is accessible throughout the year but if you want to gaze in awe at manta rays and humpback whales, the best time to visit is late August to mid-October. Great hammerhead sharks and squadrons of eagle rays are more prolific from January to March.

How do I get to Rangiroa Atoll?

By Air: by far the most convenient way to get to Rangiroa. You can fly directly to Rangiroa from Tahiti (55 mins) and Bora Bora but can also get there by passing through other atolls in the archipelago. Rangiroa itself is connected to other neighboring atolls, including Fakarava and Tikehau.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Tahiti?

around $100 USD per person
Generally speaking, diving in Tahiti will cost around $100 USD per person.

Where can I find Moorea manta rays?

The atoll of Tikehau is also a prime place for manta spotting. While manta rays cruise through all major dive sites, they’re most often spotted an abandoned pearl farm turned manta ray sanctuary.

What is the best time to dive in Indonesia?

Diving is excellent year round, but the best time is from May to September. Monsoon season is from December to June. Visibility may not be as good during the monsoon, however, certain locations like the Komodo Islands are a diver’s dream during this time due to an influx of mantas.

Is scuba diving better in Moorea or Bora Bora?

On our most recent trip, Bora Bora was AGAIN hands-down way better diving than Moorea.

Is scuba diving in Tahiti good?

The incredible biodiversity of the dive sites showcase the rich flora and fauna, from colourfull nudibranches to Lemon sharks. Tahiti is also the ideal island to learn scuba diving with some perfect dive sites in the lagoon like “the aquarium” or “the wrecks”.

Are there jellyfish in Moorea?

2) Moorea, French Polynesia- However, because humans do not populate them, jellyfish thrive here! Jellyfish like Moorea because clear water means more food options for them as well as plenty of space to hang out on the shallow ocean floor where tourists can easily walk around them while swimming or snorkeling.

What sharks are in Moorea?

The shallow sandbar in the lagoon where blacktip reef sharks and pink whipray stingrays aggregate in large numbers for an up close and personal experience. The outer reef where blacktip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, lemon sharks, and nurse sharks gather in beautiful aqua blue waters.

  • September 7, 2022