How do you indent in Org mode?

How do you indent in Org mode?

To display the buffer in the indented view, activate Org Indent minor mode, using M-x org-indent-mode . Text lines that are not headlines are prefixed with virtual spaces to vertically align with the headline text148. To make more horizontal space, the headlines are shifted by two characters.

How do I indent multiple lines in Emacs?

Select multiply lines, then type C-u 8 C-x Tab , it will indent the region by 8 spaces.

Does vim have auto indent?

How to Turn On Auto Indent in Vim. To automatically indent when editing a file in Vim, enable the auto indenting feature using the :set autoindent flag in command mode: Press Enter, and this will auto-indent the file you are currently editing.

How do I add a tab in Emacs?

To manually insert a tab in Emacs, use ctrl-Q TAB. control-Q causes the next key to be inserted rather than interpreted as a possible command.

How do I set tabs in Emacs?

Make Tab Key Do Indent or Completion To set globally, use setq-default (but major modes may override it.) To set for current buffer only, use setq.

How do I auto indent the whole file?

Fix indentation in the whole file Start in the top of a file (to get there, press gg anywhere in the file.). Then press =G , and Vim will fix the indentation in the whole file.

How do I set the tab width in Emacs?

With tab-width equal to the default value of 8, Emacs would insert 1 tab plus 2 spaces. Use t rather than nil to tell Emacs to use tab characters where appropriate. If you only want this in a particular mode, add (setq indent-tabs-mode nil) to that mode’s hook.

How do I change vs indentation code?

Type “Indentation” into the search field then head to the “Editor: Tab Size” section. Replace the default space number with your preferred one: Your setting will be applied and reflected immediately. If this doesn’t happen (it’s a little lag sometimes), just reload or restart your VS Code.

How do I set the tab length in Emacs?

How do I change a tab to space in Emacs?

To replace tabs with the appropriate number of spaces, use M-x untabify . To do the reverse and convert multiple spaces to tabs, you can use M-x tabify . Both commands work on a region. To run on the whole buffer use a prefix argument (i.e. C-u M-x untabify ).

How do I add indentation to a line in Emacs?

If you want automatic indentation, try to use C-j instead of RET for a while. C-j usually runs newline-and-indent. If you really like it, you might want to bind it to RET. Add something along the following lines to your .emacs: Replace lisp-mode-hook with the appropriate hook.

What does auto indent-fix-Org-Yank mean?

The yank/paste behavior is changed to auto-indent in a code block when auto-indent-fix-org-yank is true. The auto-filling activity in source-code blocks can break your code depending on the language. When auto-indent-fix-org-auto-fill is true, auto-filling is turned off in org-mode source blocks. Why isn’t my mode indenting?

How do I indent a file when saving it?

On save, optionally unttabify, remove trailing white-spaces, and definitely indent the file (if enabled). Automatically indent balanced parenthetical expression, or sexp, if desired auto-indent-current-pairs or auto-indent-next-pair is set to be true (disabled by default).

Should I bind C-J to RET or Ret in Emacs?

NOTE: Recent changes, I think during Emacs 24.3, have swapped effects of RET and C-j, so RET typically does newline-and-indent. If you want automatic indentation, try to use C-j instead of RET for a while. C-j usually runs newline-and-indent. If you really like it, you might want to bind it to RET.

  • August 27, 2022