What is a Sidewinder pin box coupler?

What is a Sidewinder pin box coupler?

The Hayman Reese Sidewinder is a premium pin box coupler designed specifically for short bed pickups. The nimble and quick design automatically eliminates turning and clearance headaches. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without exiting the truck. Without throwing a switch.

How do you grease Reese’s Sidewinder?

Reese recommends that to maintain easy hookup you frequently lubricate the wedge surfaces, back side of the king pin, and the skid plate surface. The bearing surfaces of the sidewinder arm can also be lubricated if stiff, using white lithium grease. Never use a lube plate with a Sidewinder.

How does a Reese Sidewinder work?

Sidewinder’s kingpin locking mechanism moves the pivot position 22” rear of the coupler’s attachment point. This enables Sidewinder to handle up to a 90-degree turn effortlessly. By moving the pivot rearward while keeping the load centered over the axles, the trailer tracks more closely to the truck.

Can you lock a Reese Sidewinder?

To lock out the rotating turret of a Reese Revolution Sidewinder, there are lock-out bolts that need to be torqued. These bolts will prevent rotation and the pivot point will be moved back to the truck bed.

What is a revolution pin box?

The Revolution/Sidewinder Pin Box moves the pivot point 22 inches behind the king pin, allowing a short bed truck to tow a fifth wheel trailer without the need for a sliding hitch.

Can a short bed pull a 5th wheel?

Can you tow a 5th wheel with a short bed? Yes, you can tow a 5th wheel with a short bed, but you will have to use either a slider hitch or a sidewinder hitch. You must be careful though, if you do not secure the camper properly, it may turn over.

How often should you grease your fifth wheel?

Fifth wheel manufacturers recommend performing fifth wheel maintenance every three months or 30,000 miles. “You need to lubricate it through all four seasons,” says Charles Rosato, field service manager for Fontaine Fifth Wheel.

Are all 5th wheel pin boxes the same?

There are five different types of pin box stlyes: short, medium, long, telescoping (45 degrees), and telescoping (72 degrees). The medium and long styles are the most popular for most modern fifth wheels.

What happens if you don’t grease your fifth wheel?

“Failure to properly maintain your fifth wheel could result in tractor-trailer separation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.”

  • August 26, 2022