Can nerve blocks cause nerve damage?

Can nerve blocks cause nerve damage?

There is a risk a temporary nerve block may cause permanent nerve damage. If that happens, the patient may experience side effects like weakness, numbness that never subsides or muscle paralysis. Surgical nerve blocks are often designed to either destroy a damaged peripheral nerve or nerve roots.

What is a therapeutic block?

If standard pain-relieving medicines don’t work, your healthcare provider may suggest a therapeutic pain block. This is done by injecting pain-relieving medicine into the site of the affected nerve. This injection will block the pain signals the nerve would otherwise send to your brain.

What are the risks of a nerve block?

While nerve blocks are relatively safe, they do have risks of side effects and complications. Some of these side effects include elevated blood sugar, rash, itching, weight gain, extra energy, soreness at the injection site, bleeding, and death in very rare cases.

How long does a nerve block last after wrist surgery?

Nerve blocks for shoulder, arm and hand surgery can be made to last up to 24 hours. The nerve block may be part of your general anaesthetic to give you pain relief after your operation. Some operations can be done under nerve blocks alone. Sedation can be given with this to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

What are complications from a nerve block?

What is a nerve block for wrist surgery?

A nerve block is a type of anaesthetic or pain relief frequently used for surgery on the arm or hand. It involves the careful injection of local anaesthetic around the nerves that provide sensation to this area to make them numb for surgery.

Are nerve blocks safe?

Nerve blocks are generally safe. There are some risks with the procedure, but they are rare. There can be bleeding and soreness around the area of injection. There is also a risk of infection.

How long does nerve block in wrist last?

The nerve block can last up to 24 hours. During this time: It is important to protect your shoulder, arm and hand from injury. You cannot control shoulder, arm or hand movement until the nerve block wears off.

How long does nerve block last after wrist surgery?

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