How do you store trastuzumab?

How do you store trastuzumab?

Stability and Storage: Vials of Herceptin are stable at 2–8°C (36–46°F) prior to reconstitution. Do not use beyond the expiration date stamped on the vial. A vial of Herceptin reconstituted with BWFI, as supplied, is stable for 28 days after reconstitution when stored refrigerated at 2–8°C (36–46°F).

How is Herceptin dosed?

Administer Herceptin at an initial dose of 8 mg/kg as a 90-minute intravenous infusion followed by subsequent doses of 6 mg/kg as an intravenous infusion over 30–90 minutes every three weeks until disease progression [see Important Dosing Considerations].

Does Herceptin have a black box warning?

Black Box Warning Cardiomyopathy: Herceptin can result in sub-clinical and clinical cardiac failure manifesting as CHF, and decreased LVEF, with greatest risk when administered concurrently with anthracyclines. Evaluate cardiac function prior to and during treatment. Discontinue Herceptin for cardiomyopathy.

What is the shelf life of Herceptin?

Results from this study show that trastuzumab i.v. solutions remain physically and structurally stable on storage at 2-8°C for 28 days.

How is Herceptin stored?

In conclusion, Herceptin remains physicochemically stable for 7 days when stored at 2°C to 8°C, followed by an additional 24 hours at 30°C when diluted in 0.9% sodium chloride and stored in commercially available polyvinylchloride or polyolefin/polyethylene/polypropylene infusion bags.

How many Herceptin treatments do I need?

If you’re having trastuzumab to treat primary breast cancer after surgery it’s usually given for one year (around 18 cycles). If you are having trastuzumab before surgery you will usually have four to six cycles.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Herceptin?

Can you drink alcohol while taking Herceptin? No. Consuming alcohol during cancer treatment is not advisable by the doctors. Intake of alcohol, high caffeine, and smoking tobacco during the Herceptin treatment, can increase the risk of cardiotoxicity and other complications in the body.

Is Herceptin considered chemo?

No, Herceptin is not a chemo drug, it is a targeted therapy anticancer drug. Anticancer drugs can be divided into different groups: targeted therapy. chemotherapy (often called chemo)

Does Herceptin cause weight gain?

Herceptin side effects Symptoms to watch for include swelling of the ankles or legs, shortness of breath, cough, or weight gain of more than 5 pounds in less than 24 hours. Contact your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

Does Herceptin lower your immune system?

These are known as HER2 positive cancers. About 1 in 5 breast and stomach cancers are HER2 positive. Herceptin works by blocking the effects of HER2 and encouraging the immune system (the body’s natural defences) to attack and kill the cancer cells.

What is the cost of Herceptin?

The sticker price on Perjeta is $5,900 a month, or about $71,000 a year, Genentech says. Herceptin’s price tag is $4,500 a month, or $54,000 a year. That’s $115,000 for a year’s worth of treatment. But the combo is likely to be used for longer than that, a Genetech spokesperson told FierceBiotech.

What happens if you miss a Herceptin treatment?

Missed dose It’s important to stick to your Herceptin treatment schedule. If you miss an infusion appointment for your dose, call your doctor to reschedule as soon as possible. Typically, if you miss an infusion by: one week or less, you may be able to get your usual maintenance (long-term) dose as soon as possible.

Is Herceptin a form of chemo?

Does hair grow back while on Herceptin?

Your hair may thin but you’re unlikely to lose all your hair. This usually starts after your first or second cycle of treatment. It is almost always temporary and your hair will grow back when you finish your treatment.

Does Herceptin make you tired?

Fatigue (lack of energy) is also a common side effect of Herceptin. Fatigue can contribute to depression in some people. Getting diagnosed with cancer can cause a variety of emotions. For some people, it can lead to depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions.

Is Herceptin considered chemotherapy?

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