How many episodes of Due South are there?

How many episodes of Due South are there?

67Due South / Number of episodes
Due South ran for a total of four seasons, beginning in 1994 and ending in 1999. Across the course of its four-season run, a total of 67 episodes of Due South were produced, beginning with Pilot and concluding with Call of the Wild – Parts One and Two.

Where can I watch Due South?

Prime Video.

  • Disney+
  • HBO Max.
  • Apple TV+
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  • All Streaming Services.
  • How many series of Due South are there?

    4Due South / Number of seasons

    What is the last episode of Due South?

    Hunting SeasonDue South / Latest episode

    Is Due South available on Netflix?

    Iconic nineties TV show Due South is now available to watch for free on YouTube – so cancel Netflix and dig in.

    Why did the first ray leave Due South?

    David Marciano opted not to return to the series after a contract dispute with Alliance Atlantis, the production company. His character, Ray, was replaced by Callum Keith Rennie. The writers wrote Rennie into the story by saying the original Ray Vecchio had gone deep undercover with the mob.

    What happened to Ray Vecchio Due South?

    Who is Paul Gross married to?

    Martha BurnsPaul Gross / Spouse (m. 1988)

    Was there a Due South movie?

    Due South originally debuted as a television movie on CTV in Canada and CBS in the United States.

    What happened to Original Ray Vecchio in Due South?

    What channel is Due South on?

    BBCCBSCTV Television Network
    Due South/Networks

    How old is Fraser due south?

    57 years old
    Robert Fraser was a sergeant of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Fraser Sr was 57 years old in April 1994….Sergeant Robert Fraser.

    Sergeant Robert J. Fraser
    First appearance Due South (pilot episode)
    Last appearance Call of the Wild pt 2
    Portrayed by Gordon Pinsent
    In-universe information

    Is Due South a Canadian show?

    Due South is a Canadian crime comedy-drama television series created by Paul Haggis, and produced by Alliance Communications from its premiere on April 26, 1994, to its conclusion after four seasons on March 14, 1999.

    What happened to Andrew Humphrey WDIV?

    Andrew currently serves as a meteorologist and station scientist at Detroit’s #1 news station, WDIV Local 4, an NBC affiliate.

    Why did Marciano leave due south?

    Why was due south Cancelled?

    The show was canceled in 1996 due to low ratings, with the final episode airing in Canada in May of 1996. A year later, the production team resurrected the series for a 1997-1999 spin-off with funding from the BBC.

    What happened to Victoria in due south?

    When the blizzard ended and the two reached the nearest outpost, Victoria asked Fraser to let her go, but he turned her in and she was sent to prison. Fraser felt guilty about this for years until he met the woman again in Chicago in 1995. Victoria had been released from prison and Fraser’s old feelings were rekindled.

    Does Netflix have Due South?

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