Why was John Hannah replaced as Rebus?

Why was John Hannah replaced as Rebus?

Hannah’s portrayal of Rankin’s world-weary detective was questioned by many who knew the books, as he did not physically match their image of John Rebus; Hannah himself has said he felt forced into the role, having been executive producer, when his own choice for the role, Peter Mullan, was rejected by STV.

Who plays Janice in Rebus?

Michelle Fairley
Rebus (TV Series 2000–2004) – Michelle Fairley as Janice Mee – IMDb.

Is Rebus coming back?

Two new thrillers in Ian Rankin’s long-running Rebus series have been confirmed, with the first due for release in autumn 2022. Publishers Orion confirmed the news on Twitter on Friday morning, stating: “Some VERY exciting news to brighten up January…

Where was Rebus filmed?

Set in Edinburgh, the mercurial Detective Inspector John Rebus’s investigations lead him through the city’s ancient beauty and into its more sinister quarters. The episodes “Knots and Crosses”, “Naming of the Dead”, “First Stone” and “Resurrection Men” have filmed on location in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Why is Rebus called straw man?

Cafferty habitually mocks Rebus by calling him ‘Strawman’, a nickname based on a court officer’s error in calling Rebus to testify at a trial.

Who played Templer in Rebus?

Ken Stott stars as the battle-hardened detective solving Edinburgh’s grisly crimes. He’s one of those cops who doesn’t do anything by the book. That’s why he allways gets on his head from his superiors.

Who played Cafferty in Rebus?

Meanwhile, acclaimed Scots actor John Stahl will play Big Ger Cafferty.

How many Rebus episodes did John Hannah make?

four episodes
All four episodes from the first series of the British detective drama starring John Hannah as the troubled Scottish detective, Inspector Rebus.

Who was Rebus boss?

Morris Gerald “Big Ger” Cafferty Morris Gerald Cafferty, nicknamed “Big Ger” is a notorious Edinburgh crime boss and a frequent antagonist throughout the Rebus series.

Will there be a season 3 of McCallum?

McCallum Season 3 – watch full episodes streaming online.

Was Rebus in the SAS?

After leaving school at the age of 15, Rebus joined the army and served in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. The teenager then applied and was selected to undergo SAS training, where he excelled. Rebus suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of further, more intensive training and resigned from the SAS.

Who played Big Ger Cafferty in Rebus?

actor John Stahl
It was revealed today he will be joined by Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated actress Cathy Tyson. The Band Of Gold star will play DI Siobhan Clarke, Rebus’s long time ally. Meanwhile, acclaimed Scots actor John Stahl will play Big Ger Cafferty.

Who played Telford in Rebus?

Tommy Flanagan (actor)

Tommy Flanagan
Flanagan at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International
Born 3 July 1965 Easterhouse, Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation Actor
Years active 1992–present

Who plays Big Ger Cafferty?

Who is best Rebus actor?

HE was the first actor to bring Scotland’s most famous fictional detective to life but John Hannah has ruled himself out of the running should Inspector Rebus make a comeback to our TV screens.

Why does Ducky leave NCIS?

Speaking of Ducky’s role change, David explained that appearing in fewer episodes will allow him to see more of his family, which includes his wife, children, six grandsons, and their cat, Nickie.

Is Rebus a Scottish name?

I gave him the name Rebus because it means picture puzzle and he is being sent picture puzzles. “I thought that was a clever thing to do. “It’s not really a Scottish name. I found out later it is a Polish name.

Why is Mark Harmon off of NCIS?

As of now, the answer to that question is: not a whole lot. It’s understandable that the actor may want to take some time off from his entertainment career. Gibbs’ Mark Harmon is still an executive producer on NCIS, therefore the actor still has plenty of say as to what will play out in the following seasons.

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