Why does my phone say the wireless customer is not available AT?

Why does my phone say the wireless customer is not available AT?

There could be a number of reasons for this message including; they have traveled outside a calling area, do not disturb is enabled, or your number may be blocked. If your text messages don’t go through either, your number is most likely blocked.

How do I fix the wireless customer is not available voicemail?

Please visit your myAT app and make sure that you have voicemail enabled. If this feature is turned off callers will get a busy signal or be informed you are unable for calls. We also suggest checking your call forwarding settings to make sure callers are not being routed correctly to your voicemail.

Why is my AT messaging not working?

Tips to fix messaging issues Restart your device. Turn Wi-Fi® off. Make sure mobile (cellular) data is enabled and that you can browse the web. Then try again.

Why does my voicemail Say service not available?

If your voicemail settings still aren’t working, it could indicate an issue with the service provided by your network carrier. At this point, the best thing you can do is speak to your carrier to ensure that there isn’t a fault or issue that needs to be resolved with further technical support.

What does it mean when it says the person you are calling is not available?

If the person doesn’t have voicemail set up then you get the unavailable message. Does your friend have an iPhone? Ringing once and then the message is a tell tale sign of being blocked, you wouldn’t get a message to say a text wasn’t delivered either.

What does it mean when someone’s phone is unavailable?

Cell phone calls designated as “Unavailable” on a phone’s caller ID are placed from an area or region from which your wireless service provider or phone company is unable to retrieve a phone number.

Why when I call someone it says the person is unavailable?

Does AT allow SMS messages?

AT Messaging enables you to send texts, photos, and short videos, keeping you connected while you’re on the move.

Is AT blocking text messages?

Here’s the good news: AT is working 24/7 to protect you and your device from these unwanted and often illegal messages. Our strong network defenses and multiple layers of protection are working to prevent text spam around the clock, even when you don’t see it.

Why is my voicemail not working on my Samsung?

To fix your voicemail on Android, you can head into your voicemail settings. Open your Phone app > tap on three dots at the top > settings > voicemail. Check whether the voicemail settings are correct.

How do I activate voicemail on Samsung?

Set Up Voicemail

  1. From the home screen, select the. Phone app.
  2. Select the Keypad tab, then select the Visual Voicemail icon. Note: Alternatively, you can set up voicemail by selecting and holding the 1 key from the Phone app.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Select OK.

How do you know if someone blocked your number on a Samsung Galaxy?

  1. You can’t know for sure if someone has blocked your number on an Android without asking the person.
  2. However, if your Android’s phone calls and texts to a specific person don’t seem to be reaching them, your number might have been blocked.

How do you know someone blocked you on an Android?

Any messages you send to a contact person who has blocked you will always show one check mark (a sign of a message sent) but never show the second checkmark (a sign of message delivered).

How do you know if someone has blocked your number Android?

You can delete the person’s number from your contacts and see again whether the number reappears as a suggested contact or not. If the number appears, which means you are not blocked. Launch the dialer app and go to the Contacts tab on your Android phone. Tap on the contact person you doubt that he has blocked you.

What app does AT use for text messaging?

Google’s Android Messages app
AT and Google have announced that all Android phones on the network will use Google’s Android Messages app for SMS and RCS services.

What is the SMS gateway for AT?

SMS and MMS Gateway List

Carrier Mail-to-SMS gateway
Assurance Wireless number@vmobl.com
domestic-number@txt.att.net (SMS)
domestic-number@mms.att.net (MMS)
AT number@mmode.com

Can ATT block a number for me?

Through AT Call Protect our wireless customers have been able to detect and block unwanted calls for nearly a year, and starting today the same great protection is available to AT Phone customers while at home with AT Phone Call Protect.

How do you reset voicemail on Samsung?

Press “3” to reach voicemail settings and press “4” to reset your voicemail message.

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