Why did Nina Dobrev not appear in Season 7?

Why did Nina Dobrev not appear in Season 7?

The Vampire Diaries fans were shocked to learn that Nina Dobrev, who played Elena Gilbert, was leaving before season 7. Like many other actors, Dobrev decided it was time to part ways with Elena. But, before she could do so, she shared the news of her departure on social media.

Why did Nina Dobrev change her name?

If you didn’t already know, Nina Dobrev was born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva in Sofia, Bulgaria (via Yahoo!). The actress decided to change her name when she began acting because she thought Nina Dobrev would be easier for fans to remember and pronounce (via More).

Who plays Elena in Vampire Diaries Season 8?

Nina Dobrev

Elena Gilbert
Portrayed by Nina Dobrev Kayla Madison (Young Elena)
In-universe information
Species Human (seasons 1–3, 6–8) Doppelgänger (seasons 1–8) Vampire (seasons 4–6)
Gender Female

How does Elena come back in season 8?

Stefan visits Elena in the state between life and death, tells her what happened, and then joins Lexi in the afterlife. Some time later, Bonnie breaks Elena’s sleeping curse and Elena finally reunites with her, Damon, Caroline, Matt and Alaric and they all attend Stefan’s funeral.

How old was Elena Gilbert in Season 1?

When the CW series first premiered in 2009, it centered on high school juniors who discovered vampires lived among them. Nina Dobrev (who played Elena Gilbert) was 20 when she was cast as a 17-year-old, while 21-year-old Steven R. McQueen played her younger brother, Jeremy.

How can I contact Nina Dobrev?

Actress Nina Dobrev Contact Information

  1. Office Address: NA.
  2. Office Phone Number: +1-416-920-5385 (Canada Office)
  3. Office Fax Number: +1-416-920-6343 (Canada Office)
  4. Nina Dobrev Manager Phone Number: NA.
  5. Nina Dobrev Booking Agent Phone Number: NA.

Why did Elena quit vampire diaries?

Dobrev’s departure from the series has been a long-debated topic. Why exactly did Dobrev want to leave The Vampire Diaries? An Instagram post highlighting her experience on the series explains a lot. In the post, she explains that she always wanted Elena’s story to be a “six-season adventure.”

Who is the father of Nina Dobrev?

Kamen DobrevNina Dobrev / Father

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