Who was born on Sept 28?

Who was born on Sept 28?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Hilary Duff, Jerrika Hinton, Naomi Watts, Phoebe Robinson, Vernee Watson, Young Jeezy and more.

Who is the most famous person born on September 28?

Today’s famous birthdays list for September 28, 2021 includes celebrities Naomi Watts, Mira Sorvino

  • Top celebrity birthdays on September 28, 2021.
  • Comedian Janeane Garofalo turns 57.
  • Actress Mira Sorvino turns 54.
  • Actress Naomi Watts turns 53.
  • Actress Hilary Duff turns 34.

What is September 28th famous for?

This Day in History: September 28 Explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, known as the “discoverer” of California, landed this day in 1542 near what is now San Diego and became the first European to set foot on the west coast of what would become the United States.

Is September 28 a cusp?

If you were born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp, from September 19 to September 25, you are a beautiful individual inside and out! You were born on the Cusp of Beauty and you are a vision of perfection, balance, and grace.

What is the birthstone for September 28th?

Although sapphire typically refers to the rich blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, this royal gemstone occurs in a rainbow of hues. Sapphires come in every color except red, which earns the classification of rubies instead.

What happened September 28th 1972?

September 28, 1972: the day a hockey game–a hockey game–gave a nation the thrill of its lifetime. There is an argument to be made that September 28, 1972 was the greatest day in Canadian history.

What is the color for September?

September | Sapphire Sapphire, the birthstone of September, is most desired in its pure, rich blue color but is present in almost every color including pink, yellow and green. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

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