Who manufactures the King Air?

Who manufactures the King Air?

Beechcraft King Air

King Air
Manufacturer Beechcraft
First flight May 1963
Introduction September 9, 1964
Status Active service

Is the Beechcraft King Air pressurized?

The King Air is a plane that richly deserves its regal moniker. The elegant King Air is a high-performance, pressurized-cabin, twin-engine, turboprop airplane. Most often employed as a corporate transport, it usually seats from 9 to 11 (although it’s certified for up to 17 people).

What is the newest King Air?

Beechcraft King Air 360
The Beechcraft King Air 360—the world’s most popular business turboprops—is smarter, sleeker and more comfortable than its predecessor. It’s the latest evolution in the best-selling turboprop family, delivering a reduced pilot workload with the same great versatility and reliability you can expect from a King Air.

Does a King Air 260 require a type rating?

(March 10, 2021) – Textron Aviation today announced it has achieved Type Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its newly upgraded twin turboprop Beechcraft King Air 260, paving the way for customer deliveries to commence in the coming weeks and launching a new era for the renowned King Air 200 …

Is the King Air 260 single pilot?

Similarly, the King Air 260 has a maximum range of 3,185 km (1,720 nautical miles), allowing four passengers and a single pilot to take complete flights such as Rome to Madrid or Paris to Stockholm without refuelling.

What type of fuel does a King Air Use?


1974 Beechcraft Super King Air 200
Fuel Capacity 549 gallons
Recommended Engine Fuels JP-4; JP-5; JP-8; Jet A; Jet A-1; Jet B
Fuel Burn-Maximum Cruise Power at ISA S.L.- 1016 lbs./hr 12,000 ft- 890 lbs./hr 24,000 ft- 620 lbs./hr 33,000 ft- 436 lbs./hr

What is the fastest King Air?

The Blackhawk-upgraded King Air 350 features Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines, producing 1,050 SHP up to 25,000 feet, while stock King Air 350 engines begin losing horsepower at 15,000 feet.

How fast is a King Air 260?

310 ktas

Maximum Cruise Speed 310 ktas (574 km/h)
Maximum Range 1,720 nm (3,185 km)
Takeoff Distance 2,111 ft (643 m)
Ground Roll 1,715 ft (523 m)
Landing Distance 2,845 ft (867 m)

How Far Can King Air go?

2,077 miBeechcraft King Air 350 / Range

How many miles can a King Air fly?

The King Air 350i can fly up to 1,739 nautical miles non-stop with eight passengers on-board. With a maximum range of 1,806 nm and a maximum cruise speed of 312 knots, the aircraft offers optimal performance from a turboprop.

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