Who is the most famous sax player?

Who is the most famous sax player?

Charlie Parker is often cited as the greatest saxophone player in history. Parker, nicknamed Yardbird, or Bird for short, elevated jazz from entertaining dance music to the highest form of spontaneous artistic expression.

Who is the famous saxophone player in the 80s?

In the 1980s, smooth jazz saxophonists such as Kenny G (Kenny Gorelick, born 1956, soprano, alto, tenor), Bob Mintzer (tenor) and David Sanborn (born 1945, alto, soprano) played a radio-friendly style of fusion called smooth jazz. Other notable smooth jazz saxophonists include Dave Koz, Jeff Kashiwa, Brandon Fields.

What singer plays the saxophone?

List of saxophonists

Name Lifetime Genre
George Adams 1940-1992 Jazz
Pepper Adams 1930-1986 Jazz
Cannonball Adderley 1928-1975 Jazz
Gerald Albright 1957- Jazz

Who was famous for playing the alto sax?

The alto saxophone had a prominent role in the development of jazz. Influential jazz musicians who made significant contributions include Don Redman, Jimmy Dorsey, Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter, Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Lee Konitz, Jackie McLean, Phil Woods, Art Pepper, Paul Desmond, and Cannonball Adderley.

Did Bill Clinton play the saxophone?

As a teenager, he even entertained the idea of pursuing music as a career. Later, as a presidential candidate, Clinton caused quite a stir when he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show playing his tenor sax. Indeed, it was that same appearance which prompted La Placa to design the Presidential Model.

Who is the best alto sax player of all time?

Jackie McClean. Jackie McClean is one of the most important alto saxophone players in the history of jazz. His career spanned 5 decades of prolific recording and performing as not only a leader, but also as a sideman on some of the most iconic jazz records with many of the giants of the art form.

Which president loved the saxophone?

President Bill Clinton
Another president who once considered a professional music career before entering politics, 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton is a very talented saxophone player. In fact, his love for jazz became an iconic part of his presidential campaign and the early years of his administration.

Which president played the saxophone?

Nixon picked up many musical instruments over the years; besides piano, he also played saxophone, clarinet, violin, and accordion.

  • August 12, 2022