Who is the longest running Radio 1 DJ?

Who is the longest running Radio 1 DJ?

Annie Nightingale
The legendary Annie Nightingale is BBC Radio 1’s longest running DJ, starting in 1970 as the station’s first ever female presenter.

Who is the most popular radio DJ in the UK?

BBC Radio 2 presenter Ken Bruce has been named as Britain’s favourite radio presenter in a new poll. Capital’s Roman Kemp takes second place with BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball in third.

Who is the best DJ in the world 2020?

Top 5 DJs – Voted publicly

Year 1st 2nd
2017 Martin Garrix Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
2018 Martin Garrix Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
2019 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Martin Garrix
2020 David Guetta Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

What radio personality is most popular?


  • Deck.
  • Intro.
  • Howard Stern Block.
  • Rush Limbaugh Block.
  • Ryan Seacrest.
  • Sean Hannity.
  • Glenn Beck.
  • Who was the first DJ on Radio 1?

    Tony Blackburn
    Tony Blackburn spins the first discs Tony Blackburn opened Radio 1 on 30 September 1967 at 7.00am, with Robin Scott, then Controller Radio 1, standing over him!

    Who is the most famous shock jock?

    Some of the most famous shock jocks in history include:

    1. Opie and Anthony. Mentioned above, Opie and Anthony was an American talk radio show hosted by Anthony Cumia and Gregg Opie Hughes.
    2. Howard Stern.
    3. Robert Weston Smith.
    4. Doug Tracht.
    5. Barry Eugene Hansen.

    What is the most listened to radio station in the UK?

    BBC Radio 2
    BBC Radio 2 The number 1 radio station in the UK, based on listeners population, is BBC Radio 2. The radio station began in 1967, at the same time as Radio 1 and 4. Currently, about 15.3 million listeners tune in to Radio 2 each week.

    What is the top rated radio show?

    popularity is the % of people who have a positive opinion of a radio program/podcast. Find out more

    • 1 BBC Global News41%
    • 2 The Steve Harvey Morning Show31%
    • 3 PBS NewsHour (audio)31%
    • 4 The Joe Rogan Experience31%
    • 5 The Rush Limbaugh show30%
    • 6 TEDTalks (audio)30%
    • 7 The Sean Hannity Show29%
    • 8 The Ben Shapiro Show28%

    What was the 1st record played on Radio 1?

    Flowers In The Rain by The Move
    The first song played on Radio 1 was Flowers In The Rain by The Move. Over on Radio 2, it was Julie Andrews singing The Sound Of Music. 5. George Martin’s Theme One, however, was technically the first piece of music on Radio 1.

    Who were the original Radio 1 DJS?

    The beginning This was Radio 1’s smartly-dressed line up when it began in 1967. (Back row l-r) Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, Robin Scott (the man in charge), David Ryder, Dave Cash, Pete Brady and David Symonds.

    • September 2, 2022