Which is bigger Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320?

Which is bigger Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320?

The world’s two leading narrowbody jets are variations of the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320….Comparing the numbers.

Boeing 737-800 Airbus A320-200
Length 39.5 m / 129 ft 7 in 37.57 m / 123 ft 3 in
Wingspan 35.8 m / 117 ft 5 in 34.1 m / 111 ft 10 in

What is the difference between Boeing 737 and Airbus A320?

Whilst more modern Boeing aircraft such as the B787 ‘Dreamliner’ use fly-by-wire technology, the big difference between the A320 and B737 is that the A320 uses fly-by-wire whilst the B737 uses conventional mechanical controls.

How many A320 does Alaska Airlines have?


Model Seats (first class/premium/main cabin) # in fleet
Airbus A320 150 (12/24/114) 30
Airbus A321neo 190 (16/24/150) 10
Bombardier Q400 (Operated by Horizon Air) 76 32
Embraer E175 (Operated by Horizon Air) 76 (12/12/52) 30

Does Alaska use Boeing or Airbus?

Alaska Airlines plans to simplify its fleet to just two aircraft types — the Boeing 737 and the Embraer 175. The carrier also operates Airbus A320 family jets and the Q400 turboprop but plans to retire all of them by the end of 2023.

Does Alaska Airbus A320 have tvs?

Airbus A320 family. Relax with custom-designed leather seats and mood-lit cabins – our Airbus aircraft are designed for comfort and convenience. Stay entertained with free movies and TV shows, while keeping your phone, tablet, or laptop charged using the 110v power outlets and USB jacks near every seat.

Which cockpit is better Boeing or Airbus?

“The Airbus has a very quiet and comfortable cockpit, much better than a 737. There’s much less ‘white noise’ in the Airbus, so it’s less fatiguing, and the seats are much more comfortable.

Is Alaska getting rid of Airbus?

Alaska is getting rid of all of its Airbus planes in favor of an all-Boeing mainline fleet to simplify maintenance and training. Alaska Airlines plans to simplify its fleet to just two aircraft types — the Boeing 737 and the Embraer 175.

Does Alaska use Airbus?

Alaska currently operates 40 Airbus A320-family aircraft, according to Airfleets.net, including 30 Airbus A320ceos and 10 A321neos — about 20% of its fleet. Alaska Airlines acquired the planes via its 2016 acquisition of Virgin America.

Can you watch Netflix on Alaska Airlines?

Connect at speeds 20x faster than our basic inflight internet, fast enough to binge-watch series on Netflix™ or Amazon Prime™.

Is Alaska Air a good airline?

While the number of airline rankings has grown during the past decade, Alaska has consistently performed well in most of them. Alaska Airlines topped Southwest for the top spot in J.D. Power’s most-recent ratings of U.S. airlines.

Is Airbus better than Boeing 737?

But if you’re faced with the choice between an Airbus A320 family jet and a Boeing 737, you might want to go with the former. Thanks to the wider cabin, reduced cabin-wall curvature and better-placed windows, the Airbus offers a more comfortable ride than the 737, all else being equal.

Which one is safer Boeing or Airbus?

What about Boeing and Airbus’ safety record? According to Airfleets.net, Airbus has suffered 86 total crashes or accidents between its models – fewer than just the 147 suffered by Boeing’s 737 alone.

Does Alaska Airlines have A320?

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