Where is Marmaray?

Where is Marmaray?

Istanbul, Turkey
Marmaray (pronounced [ˈmarmaraj] ( listen)) is a 76.6 km-long (47.6 mi) intercontinental commuter rail line in Istanbul, Turkey.

How was Marmaray built?

Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) were used to drill the tunnels under land. The under land section of the tunnel consists of two tube tunnels, each with a single track. Walkways are present within each tube.

How long is Istanbulkart valid?

3 years
According to the website, the card expires in 3 years unless you top up. Where can I buy Istanbulkart at the airport? You can get the Istanbulkart from Istanbulkart vending machines located at the -2 floor of Istanbul Airport. You can use only cash and Turkish Liras.

How do I get from Sirkeci to Uskudar?

The fastest way to get from Sirkeci to Üsküdar is to train. Taking this option will cost 1 ₺ – 2 ₺ and takes 5 min. Is there a direct ferry between Sirkeci and Üsküdar? Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Eminönü Ferry Terminal and arriving at Üsküdar.

Who built the Marmaray tunnel?

the Taisei Corporation
The tunnel was constructed by a Turkish-Japanese consortium led by the Taisei Corporation. Tunnel construction was completed on 20 October 2008, and rails were added in 2009. The completion of the project was delayed due to archeological discoveries near Sirkeci, with artifacts dating back 8,000 years.

Can you walk from Europe to Asia in Istanbul?

While you can’t walk between the continents, it is easy to take the ferry from Eminonu (Europe) to Kadikoy (Asia). It only takes 15-20 mins and gives you some great photo opportunities at the same time!

How much does an Istanbulkart cost?

Istanbulkart costs 20 Turkish Liras. When you buy it from the Biletmatik, it requires 20 Liras or more. It comes with 7 Liras loaded on it (13 for the card and the rest of 7 Liras will be topped up on the card).

What should I do if I lost my Istanbulkart?

To replace a lost or stolen card

  1. Cancel the lost or stolen card by calling the İETT call center at 444-1871. Your card has to be canceled before a new one can be issued to your YÖKSIS number.
  2. Go to the İETT main office in Karaköy and apply to have a replacement card issued.
  3. Pay a fee of 10TL.

Is Uskudar worth visiting?

One of the most popular ports for crossing over to the Anatolian side, Üsküdar offers many beauties to the visitors with its mesmerizing Maiden’s Tower, mosques from the 16th century, historical fountain in the square, miniature Şemsi Paşa Mosque, and its madrasah on the coast, Mihrimah Mosque, historical Karacaahmet …

How do I get to the European side of Istanbul?

The Marmaray Tunnel is a 13,6 km tunnel, partially running under the Bosphorus, and connecting the existing train railways on Istanbul’s European and Asian side.

Is there a bridge between Turkey and Europe?

The Bosphorus Bridge (Turkish: Boğaziçi Köprüsü), known officially as the 15 July Martyrs Bridge (Turkish: 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü) and unofficially as the First Bridge (Turkish: Birinci Köprü), is one of the three suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait (Turkish: Boğaziçi) in Istanbul, Turkey, thus …

Is the Blue Mosque in Asia or Europe?

Most of the famous attractions of Istanbul are on the European side. These include the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace to name a few. Some 15 million people populate this part of the city so it can seem overwhelming at times and the crowds are often more touristic than on the Asian side.

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