Where is Ani in Armenia?

Where is Ani in Armenia?

province of Kars
Ani (Armenian: Անի; Greek: Ἄνιον, Ánion; Latin: Abnicum; Turkish: Ani) is a ruined medieval Armenian city now situated in Turkey’s province of Kars, next to the closed border with Armenia. The ruins of Ani as seen from the Armenian side.

What happened to the city of Ani?

By the 1300s, Ani was in steep decline, and it was completely abandoned by the 1700s. Rediscovered and romanticized in the 19th century, the city had a brief moment of fame, only to be closed off by World War I and the later events of the Armenian Genocide that left the region an empty, militarized no-man’s land.

When was the city of Ani built?

Gregory the Illuminator in Ani was built in 1215 alongside the Akhuryan River, the modern border between Turkey and Armenia. East of the Turkish city of Kars lies a complex of lonely medieval churches. Octagonal towers, crumbling walls, and fallen columns lay scattered across vast grasslands.

Why is the ancient city of Ani such an important cultural heritage site?

This medieval city that was once one of the cultural and commercial centres on the Silk Roads, is characterized by architecture that combines a variety of domestic, religious and military structures, creating a panorama of medieval urbanism built up over the centuries by successive Christian and Muslim dynasties.

How do I visit an Ani?

First and foremost, in order to get to Ani, you are going to have to travel to Turkey by flying into either Istanbul, a popular tourist city, or Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, and from there go to Kars, the nearest city to Ani.

How many churches were there in Ani?

Ani “city of 1001 churches” The Capital of Bagratid Armenian Kingdom. Ani (the city of 1001 churches) is one of the most loved and famous capitals of Armenia. The city was located on a hilltop near the bank of the Akhuryan (Ախուրյան) River. The territory of the city had been inhabited from the ancient times.

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