What uniforms do the Coast Guard wear?

What uniforms do the Coast Guard wear?

The Coast Guard (not auxiliary) has a tropical blue uniform with short pants, called “tropical blue short.” Women may wear the CG blue skirt in place of the pants. See the USCGAUX manual for specifics. On patrol, use the Working Blue uniform or Summer Undress Blue Bravo uniform.

Does the Coast Guard have a camo uniform?

The NWU is the standard camouflage uniform worn by the Navy INCONUS and may be prescribed by Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs) for wear while deployed.

Can you wear rings in the Coast Guard?

Members in uniform may wear personal display items such as bracelets, necklaces, wrist watches, ID bracelets and rings. If visible while in uniform, these items must be conservative, non-controversial, and in good taste. There shall be no more than two rings on each hand.

What do the stripes on a Coast Guard uniform mean?

Each stripe represents four full years of active or reserve service in any of the branches, and the service period does not need to be consecutive: a former Navy veteran with eight full of years of Naval service who then joined the Guard, for example, would be eligible for a set of five stripes upon completion of the …

Are unit PT shirts authorized?

At the commander’s discretion, approved distinctive unit PT shirts are also authorized 3 Page 4 ATZJ-CG SUBJECT: Fort Jackson Policy Memorandum # 24 – Wear and Appearance of Uniforms and Civilian Attire for wear with service’s fitness uniform during designated PT hours.

Which military branch has the best uniforms?

There are several options for the best military uniform globally, but the United States Marines are a clear winner. There is a lot of history wrapped up in the Marines dress blues, and between the traditions and how it fits, it stands out as the clear winner.

Can I have a mustache in the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard Beard and Mustache Regulations In general, the only type of facial hair that is permitted is mustaches as well as sideburns: Mustaches must be neatly groomed. The mustache may not extend below the top of the upper lip or beyond the corners of the mouth.

How long does it take to rank up in the Coast Guard?

And the Coast Guard requires six months as an E-2, demonstration of military and professional qualifications, and a commander’s approval in order to be promoted to E-3. The next step up is E-4, and this is the last level of pay grade promotion that’s considered virtually automatic based on time served.

How tall do you have to be to be in the Coast Guard?

The US Coast Guard is often not the first branch one thinks of when considering joining the US Military. With that said, they do play a vital role in our nations security….Coast Guard Height And Weight Requirements.

Height (inches) Minimum Screening Weight (lbs.) Maximum Screening Weight (lbs.)
66 117 170
67 121 175
68 125 180
69 128 186

How long is Coast Guard boot camp?

Boot camp is an eight-week long training session at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ. Boot camp is tough, both mentally and physically! Its purpose is to prepare you for life in the Coast Guard.

How often do coast guards come home?

The reality is that Coast Guard missions are often away from home. CG members do not get to go home every night. Depending on their unit, they may be gone from a couple of days to upwards of a year. THREE- “At least you know your spouse is safe and not in danger.”

Can I wear my PT uniform to the gym?

Short answer is yes you can but check with your recruiter to make doubly sure. a. All-purpose wear. The physical fitness uniform is authorized for wear on and off duty, on and off the installation, unless restricted by the commander.

Can I wear my PT jacket with civilian clothes?

Any combination of PT uniform items may be worn together (jacket with T-shirt and shorts, T-shirt with shorts or pants); PT uniform items must not be worn with any civilian clothing.

Can you drink in military uniform?

New language in AR 670-1 also clarifies the wear of Army uniforms at off-post establishments that sell alcohol. Soldiers wearing their uniform may enter a liquor store to purchase package liquor, for instance. They may not, however, wear their uniform while drinking in a bar.

What military branch wears black?

Army and air force boots are brown, while navy boots are black.

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