What trick is played on Malvolio?

What trick is played on Malvolio?

She hides with Sir Toby and Sir Andrew as Malvolio finds the letter and is taken in by the trick. The letter says that he should wear cross-gartered yellow stockings and smile more to show he returns Olivia’s love. Maria explains that Olivia hates these things and so Malvolio will look foolish in front of her.

How is Malvolio arrogant?

In his arrogance, Malvolio overlooks the fact that it would be highly unlikely for a woman of Olivia’s social position to fall in love with a servant. The line also shows his ambition, and desire to rise to a higher station in life. I will be strange, stout, in yellow stockings and cross-gartered (2.5.)

What is Malvolio’s ultimate goal?

What he wants most of all is status, mostly so he can make other characters stop doing things he considers frivolous and silly. Because he can’t take a joke, his efforts to improve his own position in the world make him an easy target for the other characters and drive his role in the plot and humor of the play.

Why is Malvolio disliked?

Malvolio then stands as an unpopular steward and a vulgar character. He is more expressive about what he says than being witty but he is more self-important and big-headed. Malvolio brings both humour and sympathy to the play, and as a result he is the main character that brings the humour to the play.

How does Malvolio disguise himself?

The disguise utilizes a black gown, the same type of gown that Malvolio had worn earlier. The comedy is multifold: Malvolio thinks that with the appearance of the parson some light will be shed upon his insanity, but actually, Malvolio will have to remain in darkness for some time to come.

Is Malvolio self centered?

Malvolio’s arrogant, self-centered aspiration functions as much more than a point of disdain and a cause for laughter.

Why is Malvolio punished?

With this stratification, Shakespeare allocates Malvolio’s vices of pride, usurping the social order, and dour temperament as the worst of character flaws, and that is why Malvolio receives the harshest punishment.

Why is Malvolio locked up?

When Malvolio is imprisoned for being a supposed lunatic after acting out the instructions in the letter, Feste visits him both as himself and in the disguise of “Sir Topas the curate”, and proceeds to torment Malvolio by refusing to think him sane no matter what he says.

Is Malvolio locked up?

By William Shakespeare. Inside Olivia’s house, Maria makes Feste wear a disguise and pretend he’s a clergyman named Sir Topas, who has come to visit Malvolio. (Malvolio is now locked up like a prisoner in a dark room in Olivia’s house.

WHO calls Malvolio a lunatic?

Sir Topas the curate
Sir Topas the curate, who comes to visit Malvolio the lunatic.

Why is Malvolio locked in a dark room?

Back at Olivia’s house, Maria and Toby have locked Malvolio in a dark chamber to cure his “madness.” Outside the chamber, Maria instructs Feste to put on a gown and beard she has procured and to pretend to be a “great scholar” (4.2.

Why does Sir Toby stop torturing Malvolio?

It is here that we begin to feel pity for Malvolio. His humiliation may be richly deserved, but there is a kind of overkill in Sir Toby and Maria’s decision to lock him away. He seems to be punished cruelly for what are, after all, minor sins, and our sense that Malvolio is being wronged only increases in Act IV.

Does Malvolio deserve his punishment?

Malvolio suffers great injustice at the hands of tormentors and is “notoriously abused” beyond the brink of mere teasing, he does not deserve the later treatment and crime was his unliveable character and how he wronged his superiors with words alone, however the experience has not changed Malvolio at all and he now …

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