What size is the bolts that mount a light bar?

What size is the bolts that mount a light bar?

8mm bolts
Stainless Steel Nuts/Bolts and Security Key Will fit light bars that use 8mm bolts. Size: M8x14mm: 14mm Long Easy Installation. Security hardware kit for LED light bars. Includes Two (2) nuts/bolts and One (1) security key.

How do you stop a light bar theft?

Top 7 Theft Prevention Ideas for LED Light Bars

  1. Buy anti-theft nuts.
  2. Use epoxy on the end of the existing bolts.
  3. Weld tabs onto the bolts.
  4. Custom fabricate a mounting design.
  5. Park your vehicle in the light.
  6. Even better than parking in the light, is to park in secure parking.

Can you install a light bar without drilling?

Through Magnetic Roof Mounts Magnetic roof mounts are another method for mounting a light bar without drilling, which uses small magnets. So instead of making holes in the vehicle, you secure these tiny magnets on top. All you need to do then is hang your light bar onto them.

Can you run a LED light bar without a relay?

Can you wire led light bar without relay? Yes, one can wire an LED light bar without a relay. But it is not a good idea to do that. If you are not sure about the switch, fuses and wiring being of the right size for the amperage, then you should use a relay to avoid something bad happening.

Will a light bar drain my battery?

You can calculate exactly how fast your LED light bar will drain your battery by following this method: Say you had a full 66Ah battery, you would calculate the drainage time like this: 66Ah/22A=3h.

How do I keep my light bar from draining my battery?

Follow these 8 tips on how to keep a light bar from draining your battery:

  1. Connect your light bar directly to the vehicle battery or another DC voltage source.
  2. Use a wire gauge that matches or exceeds the maximum current of your LED light bar.
  3. Fuse power wires to the expected current draw, not the wire size.
  • September 17, 2022