What is Ward 17 Glenfield Hospital?

What is Ward 17 Glenfield Hospital?

Ward 17 cares for all respiratory conditions – bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Non- Evasive Ventilation, and Thoracic surgery. Presently it is a 20 bedded unit with an additional 4 bed High Dependancy Unit caring for patients with very acute needs.

What is CDU at Glenfield Hospital?

Clinical Decisions Unit
Our Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) is a specialist cardiac and respiratory admissions unit, where patients are admitted as a 999 call, GP referral or as a transfer from the Emergency Department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

What is Ward 15 Leicester Royal Infirmary?

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Ward 1 – Maternity 2pm-4pm then 6pm-8pm Partners and Siblings – 11am-8.30pm
Ward 12 – Childrens Ward 11am-1pm then 6pm-8pm Parents/guardian can remain with the child at all times
Ward 15 – Acute Medical Unit 11am-8pm
Ward 16 – Acute Medical Unit 11am-8pm
Ward 17 2pm-8pm

How many beds does Glenfield Hospital have?

approximately 415 beds
Glenfield Hospital is about three miles north west of Leicester city centre. The hospital has approximately 415 beds and provides a range of services for patients, including nationally recognised medical care for heart disease, lung cancer and breast care.

What is acute medical unit UK?

There are 225 AMUs in the UK. The term acute medical unit (AMU) is defined in an RCP report as ‘a dedicated facility within a hospital that acts as the focus for acute medical care for patients that have presented as medical emergencies to hospitals or who have developed an acute medical illness while in hospital’.

What is a general ward in a hospital?

General Ward means a room categorised as a general ward by a Hospital. In case if the hospital does not have any room categorization, a General Ward shall mean a room in Hospital shared by three (3) or more people but excluding any Semi-Private Room or above.

How long do patients stay in CDU?

Overview – The CDU manages patients for up to 18-24 hours, after which time a disposition should be made. Care beyond this time frame may occasionally occur if it is clear that as short term disposition is likely to occur (ie. stress test in the morning).

What is Ward 32 at Glenfield Hospital?

– Cardiac investigations day case ward
Ward 32 UHL – Cardiac investigations day case ward based at The Glenfield Hospital – UHL trust.

What is Ward 18 Leicester Royal Infirmary?

admissions ward
Ward 18 is the admissions ward. Some clinics and procedures for Elective Orthopaedics also get taken through the Sports and Exercise Medicine department. This is a bespoke unit which has its own clean room area where small interventional procedures can be undertaken.

What is Ward 22 Leicester General hospital?

Leicester General Hospital:

Ward 23 Short stay unit Tel: 0116 258 4809/4100
Ward 22 Female Ward Tel: 0116 258 4165
Ward 20 Pre-admission unit Tel: 0116 258 4153
Ward 27 Male Ward Tel: 0116 258 4646

What does Glenfield Hospital specializes in?

Glenfield Hospital provides a range services for patients, including nationally recognised medical care for heart disease, lung cancer and breast care. Like the other hospitals within Leicester Hospitals, Glenfield Hospital is a teaching hospital and has a purpose-built Clinical Education Centre.

When was Glenfield Hospital built?

Glenfield Hospital
Opened 1984
Website leicestershospitals.nhs.uk

How long do you stay in the acute medical unit?

48 hours
Patients stay on the AMU for up to 48 hours, during which time a management plan will have been instigated by the consultant-led acute care medical team. A specialist care of the elderly team look after elderly patients with acute illness requiring admission to hospital for a few days.

Does acute mean severe?

Acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset. This could describe anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack. A chronic condition, by contrast is a long-developing syndrome, such as osteoporosis or asthma. Note that osteoporosis, a chronic condition, may cause a broken bone, an acute condition.

What happens in the clinical decision unit?

The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) at UI Health is a designated area within the hospital that allow our providers to monitor and evaluate the medical condition of patients who do not meet criteria for inpatient admission but are not well enough to go home without require further observation.

What does CDU unit mean in hospital?

clinical decision unit
CDU, clinical decision unit.

What is Ward 22 at Leicester Royal Infirmary?

What is Ward 28 Leicester General hospital?

Nurse staffing levels – Urology March 2022

Ward name CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers
Ward name – Lgh-wd 28 Surgery/Urology Admission CHPPD – Registered Nurses and Midwives 3.02 CHPPD – Healthcare Support Workers 3.74
  • September 5, 2022