What is the Wallenberg syndrome?

What is the Wallenberg syndrome?

Wallenberg syndrome (WS) is a neurological disorder that is due to damage to the lateral portion of the medulla oblongata (i.e., the lateral medullary syndrome). WS is typically due to ischemia from a vertebral artery or posterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction.

Is Wallenberg syndrome a stroke?

Wallenberg’s syndrome is a neurological condition caused by a stroke in the vertebral or posterior inferior cerebellar artery of the brain stem.

How is lateral medullary syndrome treated?

Lateral medullary syndrome patients require physical and occupational therapy until they gradually develop their physical strength. Patients should be aware of secondary stroke prevention strategies. Those with dysphagia should go through dysphagia rehabilitation. Severe dysphagia cases may require a gastrostomy tube.

What causes lateral medullary stroke?

Etiology: Most commonly caused by atherothrombotic occlusion of the vertebral artery (then posterior inferior cerebellar arteray and least often the medullary arteries. Vertebral artery dissection associated with: History of trauma, neck.

Can Wallenberg syndrome be cured?

How is Wallenberg syndrome treated? No cure is available for this condition, but your doctor will probably focus treatment on relieving or eliminating your symptoms. They may prescribe speech and swallowing therapy to help you learn to swallow again. They may also recommend a feeding tube if your condition is severe.

Is Wallenberg syndrome permanent?

Smoking cessation, diabetes control, blood pressure control, and healthy diet and exercise are also vital in preventing a recurring stroke [8]. The overall prognosis of Wallenberg syndrome is better than most other acute ischemic strokes. However, like all stroke syndromes, permanent disability may occur.

Is Wallenberg syndrome common?

Wallenberg syndrome is a rare condition in which an infarction, or stroke, occurs in the lateral medulla. The lateral medulla is a part of the brain stem.

Is Wallenberg syndrome a disability?

Complications of Wallenberg Syndrome Stroke syndromes can cause permanent disability and affect normal daily functioning, per StatPearls.

  • September 17, 2022