What is the story of The Bridges of Madison County?

What is the story of The Bridges of Madison County?

A moving love story about a photographer on assignment to shoot the historic bridges of Madison County. He meets a housewife, whose husband and children are away on a trip, and the film traces a brief affair that is never sordid but instead one of two soul mates who have met too late.The Bridges of Madison County / Film synopsis

Is The Bridges of Madison County a true story?

The novel is presented as a novelization of a true story, but it is in fact entirely fictional. The novel is one of the bestselling books of the 20th century, with 60 million copies sold worldwide. It was adapted into a feature film in 1995 and a musical in 2013.

How old is Clint Eastwood today?

92 years (May 31, 1930)Clint Eastwood / Age

How much weight did Meryl Streep gain for Bridges of Madison County?

20 pounds
She gained 20 pounds for ‘The Bridges of Madison County. ‘ Streep allegedly packed on 15 to 20 pounds for her role as middle-aged housewife Francesca Johnson in the 1995 film. She learned to play violin for ‘Music of the Heart.

What is so special about The Bridges of Madison County?

Madison County is located about 30 miles from Des Moines and is called the “Covered Bridge Capital of Iowa” for having the largest group of covered bridges in one area west of the Mississippi River. The bridges are historically significant and were all added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970’s.

What is the message of Bridges of Madison County?

“The Bridges of Madison County” is about two people who find the promise of perfect personal happiness, and understand, with sadness and acceptance, that the most important things in life are not always about making yourself happy.

Why were The Bridges of Madison County built?

Covered bridges of Madison County, Iowa. 19 covered bridges were built in Madison County Iowa during the late 19th Century. The bridges were covered to protect the roadway, because it was cheaper to replace the boards of the roof and walls, then the heavy beams of the actual bridge.

Why are bridges covered?

It is popularly believed that the purpose of the rooves was to keep snow off the road and to provide shelter for travellers during storms. In fact, the covers were designed to protect the bridge itself. Constant exposure to sun, snow, and rain left wooden bridges with a useful life of about a decade.

Why The Bridges of Madison Country is a fiction?

The Bridges of Madison County is in fact fictional, though the author realised after he’d written Francesca that he’d had his own wife in mind. When audiences are told a story is true, we may not believe the story is entirely true (no story ever is) but it changes our response to it.

  • October 1, 2022