What is the occurrence code on a UB04?

What is the occurrence code on a UB04?

Event codes are two alpha- numeric digits, and dates are six numeric digits (MMDDYY). When occurrence codes 01-04 and 24 are entered, the provider must make sure the entry includes the appropriate value code in FLs 39-41, if there is another payer involved. Occurrence and occurrence span codes are mutually exclusive.

What is NUBC condition codes?

Currently, Condition Codes are designed to allow the collection of information related to the patient, particular services, service venue and billing parameters which impact the processing of an Institutional claim.

What are occurrence codes?

Occurrence Codes identify a significant event relating to an institutional claim that may affect payer processing. These codes are claim-related occurrences that are related to a time period (span of dates).

What is occurrence code 50 on ub04?

Occurrence Code 50: Assessment Date Definition: Code indicating an assessment date as defined by the assessment instrument applicable to this provider type (e.g. Minimum Data Set (MDS) for skilled nursing). (For IRFs, this is the date assessment data was transmitted to the CMS National Assessment Collection Database).

What is an occurrence code?

What is occurrence code 11 on a UB?

11 Onset of Symptoms/Illness Code indicates the date patient first became aware of symptoms/illness.

What goes in box 74 on ub04?

the principal procedure code and date
Box 74 is for the principal procedure code and date. It is required on inpatient claims where a procedure is performed. It is not used on outpatient claims. Hope that is helpful!

What is occurrence span code 77?

Hospices must use occurrence span code 77 to identify days of care that are not covered by Medicare due to untimely physician recertification. This is particularly important when the non-covered days fall at the beginning of a billing period.

What is Box 56 on ub04?

56. National Provider Identifier Billing Provider (NPI) Unique identifier assigned to the provider. Seven digit RI Medical Assistance Provider ID if not submitting NPI.

  • October 21, 2022