What is the fastest speed run 4 Elden Ring?

What is the fastest speed run 4 Elden Ring?

Another day, another Elden Ring speed run attempt – and this one brings the world record down to less than seven minutes. That’s right: Seven. Minutes. Six minutes and 46 seconds, to be precise.

How many bosses are in Elden Ring speedrun?

There are 165 total bosses in Elden Ring, some being harder than others, and while beating the game is an achievement in itself, beating ALL of the bosses is another thing.

What is the world record for Elden Ring?

The fastest Any% completion of Elden Ring (Bandai Namco, 2022) on the PC is 25 minutes 48 seconds by “RockCandy” (USA) on 19 April 2022.

What is a zip in speed running?

Zipping is going out of bounds, and the game attempts to place the player back in bounds in a different location, effectively teleporting.

Who has beaten Elden Ring the most?

In their latest speedrun, an Elden Ring streamer by the name of LilAggy has defeated all 165 Elden Ring boss fights in under 10 hours. From the Tree Sentinel, to the invisible snail, to the Elden Beast itself, LilAggy is an expert in beating all Elden Ring bosses fast.

How many Demigods are in Elden Ring?

nine Demigods
There are four more to be exact, bringing up the total to nine. We won’t spoil the identities of these Demigods, so you’ll have to progress fairly far in order to learn their names. So you’re essentially looking at a gauntlet of nine Demigods in Elden Ring plus some special surprises after that.

What game has the fastest speedrun?


  • 1 Doom.
  • 2 Quake. 2.1 Quake Done Quick.
  • 3 Metroid series.
  • 4 Super Mario series.
  • 5 The Legend of Zelda series. 5.1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • 6 Dark Souls series and related games.
  • 7 Spelunky.
  • 8 Cuphead.

Do Dark Souls Speedrunners use controller?

Resources to Speedrun Dark Souls Most Dark Souls speedrunners prefer controller, commonly Xbox or PlayStation controllers. Controllers in Dark Souls make the game more friendly to play, but it is all up to preference in the end.

Will Elden Ring have classes?

Elden Ring has 10 starting classes that the player can choose from at the beginning of the game. These classes are all based off different archetypes that will heavily influence how the character grows, including which attributes that they will naturally excel or are weak at.

What happens if you beat first boss Elden Ring?

What happens when you beat the Grafted Scion at the start of Elden Ring? Nothing. The fact is, the Grafted Scion is not at all a boss.

What does NMG mean in speedrunning?

So, NMG stands for ‘No Major Glitches’ and it is a category where regular Pause & Play is allowed, but not PNP+. Pause & Play is when you pause as a moving object is near the end of its cycle, causing the game to think it has reached the end of its cycle.

What do speedrunners use for splits?

The most widely used program for speedrunning splits is LiveSplit. The timer is very intuitive to use, and allows for a broad range of customization so that it fits any kind of speedrunning game or category.

Has anyone done a no hit run on Elden Ring?

‘Elden Ring’ Streamer’s No-Hit Run Comes To Devastating End At Final Boss. Elden Ring has been out for a few months now, which means that more and more players are finally beating the game’s final boss and experiencing the confusing mix of joy and sorrow that comes with finishing a FromSoftware game.

What level is Godric Elden’s ring?

Godrick the Grafted: Overview

Name Recommended Level Runes
Godrick the Grafted 30 15,000 Runes

Who is the 3rd demigod in Elden Ring?

The Children Of Rennala And Radagon Rennala is royalty (not a god), but since Radagon is a god, they had three demigod children: Radahn, Ranni, and Rykard.

  • August 8, 2022