What is Project MeghRaj?

What is Project MeghRaj?

Body: In order to utilise and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing, the Government of India has embarked upon an ambitious initiative – “GI Cloud” which has been named as ‘MeghRaj’. The focus of this initiative is to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country while optimizing ICT spending of the Government.

What is GI cloud?

The ‘GI Cloud’ is the Government of India’s cloud computing environment that will be used by government departments and agencies at the centre and states. In other words, it will enable the government to leverage cloud computing for effective delivery of e-services.

What is Digital India initiative?

The initiative plans to enable citizens and merchants to undertake real time digital transactions through the DIGIDHAN Bazaar. Through organising DigiDhan Mela’s across the country, it aims to handhold users in downloading, installing and using various digital payment systems for carrying out digital transactions.

What is govt cloud India?

The government community cloud serves central and state government organizations delivering dynamic IT governance. The government community cloud secures the confidential data of the Indian government confining it within the Indian geographical borders.

What is the name of the GI cloud?

In order to utilise and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing, Government of India has embarked upon a very ambitious and important initiative – “GI Cloud” which has been coined as ‘Meghraj’.

What is the name of GI cloud?

In order to utilise and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing, Government of India has embarked upon a very ambitious and important initiative – “GI Cloud” which has been coined as ‘Meghraj’.

What is the future of Digital India?

Future expectation of Digital India may be following: Well defined infrastructure: High speed internet connection should be available for every gram panchyats, easy access to common services centre within their locality and safe & secure cyber space in the country.

Is GCC a private cloud?

What is GCC? GCC 1.0 was launched in 2018 as a “wrapper” platform that provides government agencies with a consistent means to adopt commercial cloud solutions offered by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Is Hotmail a SaaS?

Services such as Hotmail, Spotify and Office 365 are all SaaS products. You are accessing software via an Internet connection.

What is the motto of Digital India?

“Power to Empower”
Ans. Digital India is a Government of India initiative aiming at improving the online infrastructure and enhancing internet connectivity. The motto of Digital India is “Power to Empower”.

Who started Digital India?

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Digital India is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The programme was launched on July 1, 2015 by Hon’ Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

What is logo of Digital India?

Titled “Infinity”, the ICEGOV2017 motif is designed intricately with three concentric infinity loops, representing an evolving relationship between India and its citizens, highlighting the countless opportunities created by new and emerging technologies.

Is Digital India is successful?

Digital India has really been a spectacular success. For the first time, we have things like the JAM trinity (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile). The mobile phone’s success is well known. We have over a billion phones and maybe 600-700 million smartphones.

Who manages GCC?

GCC has since been maintained by a varied group of programmers from around the world under the direction of a steering committee. GCC 3 (2002) removed a front-end for CHILL due to a lack of maintenance.

Is Azure GCC?

GCC High is one of the offerings of Microsoft 365, Office 365 Suite, and Azure cloud services. It is developed to ensure compliance with cybersecurity and federal regulations, including CJIS Policy, CMMC, ITAR, FedRAMP High, and DFARS 7012.

Is Gmail SaaS or PaaS?

Gmail is one famous example of an SaaS mail provider. PaaS: Platform as a Service The most complex of the three, cloud platform services or “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) deliver computational resources through a platform.

Is Google Apps a SaaS?

SaaS: Software as a Service is the most popular of the cloud computing models. It’s services are provided over the Internet. Gsuite (also known as Google Apps) is an example of SaaS.

What are 9 pillars of Digital India?

Digital India aims to provide the much needed thrust to the nine pillars of growth areas, namely Broadband Highways, Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity, Public Internet Access Programme, e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology, e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services, Information for All.

  • November 1, 2022