What is Mostar known for?

What is Mostar known for?

Mostar is one of the most frequented attractions in Bosnia, thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, architecture, and, of course, its famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stari Most.

Is it safe to travel to Mostar?

It is quite safe to roam around Mostar freely but you have to heed the warnings posted on many ruined buildings “Keep Out Dangerous Ruin” They are not to be taken lightly.

Can you drink the water in Mostar?

Is the water safe to drink from public fountains or hotel or should I drink bottle water while visiting Mostar.. Thank you. the water in Bosnia and Herzegovina is completely safe to drink. water fountains in the cities, towns and villages are as good as any bottled water you find in the shops.

Is Bosnia worth visiting?

Bosnia feels welcoming Wherever tourists go in numbers, the travel experience becomes less personal. Visit any of the popular places along the Adriatic, and you’ll blend into the background. Bosnians are more curious and hospitable in comparison.

Are Bosnians friendly?

Easy to make friends. By nature, Bosnians are very sociable and are close to neighbours, colleagues and the people in their lives. Combine this with an intrinsic curiosity and people will be chatting with you in no time at all. If you’re in tourist areas, expect people to ask where you’re from.

Can I use euro in Bosnia?

The currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Konvertibilna Marka (BAM), comprised of 100 pfeninga. Some Euro notes (but not coins) are accepted. The Euro and US Dollar are the preferred foreign currencies. Credit cards are generally accepted at top hotels and restaurants, and ATMs are available in the major cities.

Can you drink tap water in Mostar?

Although it is usually a safe bet, the water in Mostar is NOT always safe to drink. I learned this the hard way. When there is a period of heavy rain, people do not drink from the tap, as the excess rainfall can cause runoff from farms that pollute the water with remnants of sewage (bacteria and parasites).

What should I wear in Bosnia?

What to Wear in Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.
  • Casual clothes reign supreme – but keep your dress code modest.
  • In the summer wear plenty of sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection), sunglasses and a sunhat.

Is there Uber in Bosnia?

One of the applications for transport of passengers, which operates on the principle of popular Uber, is finally available in BiH.

Is Sarajevo walkable?

Most of the points of interest are a walkable distance within central Sarajevo, and any taxi driver can get you to the Tunnel Museum near the airport for 15 Bosnian marks (about nine U.S. dollars).

  • September 27, 2022