What is General Mills annual revenue?

What is General Mills annual revenue?

General Mills annual revenue for 2022 was $18.993B, a 4.78% increase from 2021. General Mills annual revenue for 2021 was $18.127B, a 2.84% increase from 2020. General Mills annual revenue for 2020 was $17.627B, a 4.51% increase from 2019.

What is General Mills net worth?

General Mills net worth as of July 05, 2022 is $44.88B. General Mills Inc. is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. The company also serves the foodservice and commercial baking industries.

How many outstanding shares does General Mills have?

General Mills 2021 shares outstanding were 0.619B, a 0.95% increase from 2020.

Is General Mills listed in India?

General Mills India Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 23 Nov, 1995. It’s a private unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

How much stock did General Mills buy back?

General Mills repurchased approximately 14 million shares of common stock in fiscal 2022 for a total of $877 million compared to $301 million in share repurchases a year ago.

How many shares of Disney are outstanding?

Disney 2021 shares outstanding were 1.828B, a 1.11% increase from 2020. Disney 2020 shares outstanding were 1.808B, a 8.52% increase from 2019.

Is General Mills owned by Nestlé?

In 1990, a joint venture with Nestlé S.A. called Cereal Partners was formed which markets cereals (including many existing General Mills cereal brands) outside the US and Canada under the Nestlé name.

Is Kellogg’s owned by General Mills?

Having expanded to many different product lines, General Mills product line composition is unique. However, it still competes with Nestle, Seneca Foods, Kraft Heinz, Kelloggs, and Mondelez.

Does General Mills have a pension plan?

Founded in 1928, General Mills Retirement Plan is a private sector pension fund headquartered in Minnesota. It is a defined benefit retirement plan covering employees in the US, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Is General Mills profitable?

Net earnings attributable to General Mills was down 8 percent to $1.2 billion and diluted EPS was down 7 percent to $1.99, primarily reflecting lower operating profit….General Mills Reports Fiscal 2022 Second-Quarter Results.

Fiscal 2022 Segment Operating Profit Growth
Second Quarter % Change as Reported % Change in Constant Currency
North America Retail (7)% (8)%
Pet 10% 10%

How is General Mills doing financially?

Adjusted operating profit margin decreased 130 basis points to 16.4 percent. Net earnings attributable to General Mills were down 2 percent to $1.9 billion and diluted EPS was down 1 percent to $3.07, primarily reflecting lower operating profit, partially offset by lower net interest expense and a effective tax rate.

How many brands does General Mills own?

100 brands
General Mills owns a collection of over 100 brands, and the company often reports on these brands based on their availability in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

How many shares of Tesla are there?

Tesla shares outstanding for the quarter ending March 31, 2022 were 1.157B, a 2.12% increase year-over-year. Tesla 2021 shares outstanding were 1.129B, a 4.25% increase from 2020.

Does General Mills own Kraft?

In November 1985, General Foods was acquired by Philip Morris Companies (now Altria Group, Inc.) for $5.6 billion, the largest non-oil acquisition to that time. In December 1988, Philip Morris acquired Kraft Foods Inc., and, in 1990, combined the two food companies as Kraft Foods.

Who is bigger Kellogg or General Mills?

General Mills overtakes Kellogg’s as nation’s top cereal vendor.

  • October 24, 2022