What engines can be swapped with an E30?

What engines can be swapped with an E30?

Since an engine swap requires so much time and work, it does not make sense to swap in an engine that is only slightly more powerful than the E30 engines, such as the M50B25 and 28. Generally speaking, the best engines to swap into the E30 are the E36 M3 engines, S50B30 and S52B32.

How much HP does an E30 make?


Model Years Power
325, 325e, 325es 1985-1987 90 kW (121 hp) at 4,250 rpm
1988 110 kW (148 hp) at 4,250 rpm
325i, 325is, 325ix 1985-1993 125 kW (168 hp) at 5,800 rpm
M3, M3 Evo 1 1986-1987 143 kW (192 hp) at 6,750 rpm

Can you put a V8 in a BMW E30?

BMW never put a V8 in the E30-generation 3-Series, but that hasn’t stopped owners from swapping in engines of their own. This car in particular has been treated to a new powertrain courtesy of a 5.0 Foxbody Mustang.

Does the E30 325i have Turbo?

This BMW E30 325i has a turbocharged on it, coming from a diesel engine. The rest of the 2.5-liter mill under the hood is intact, an impressive feat altogether considering BMW didn’t make it so that it can withstand forced induction.

What engine comes in an e30 325i?

BMW 3 Series Sedan 4-door (E30) 325i (170 Hp) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 Specs

General information
Number of valves per cylinder 2
Fuel System Multi-point indirect injection
Engine aspiration Naturally aspirated engine
Engine oil capacity 4.8 l 5.07 US qt | 4.22 UK qt

How much horsepower does a 325i have?

Used 2006 BMW 3 Series 325i Specs & Features

Cylinders Inline 6
Base engine type Gas
Horsepower 215 hp @ 6,250 rpm
Torque 185 lb-ft @ 2,750 rpm

Is a 325i RWD?

As consumers we certainly are not disappointed, but as enthusiast drivers we’re pensive about the 2006 325i and 330i sedans….Retail Price.

Engine 3.0L I-6
Drivetrain rear-wheel

How expensive is a LS swap?

So whether you’re planning on rebuilding a factory transmission or replacing it with a new one, be prepared to spend some money. Depending on choices and configuration, prices can range from $2,200 to $9,000 and up.

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