What does held at DPD Depot mean?

What does held at DPD Depot mean?

Your parcel is a SwapIt delivery which means there is something due to be returned on delivery. No return item was available so delivery could not take place. Goods Held. Your parcel has been held at your local DPD depot.

How many depots does DPD have in the UK?

DPD Local has over 100 depots in the UK and Ireland, operating more than 2,500 vehicles servicing 30,000 customers.

Where are DPD based in the UK?

Among the company’s major facilities in the UK include a 27-acre Superhub at Oldbury in the West Midlands, which opened in 2008. A second Superhub is located in Smethwick, also in the Birmingham area. A third facility is being built in Hinckley and will be completed in 2015.

How long does it take for DPD to deliver UK?

1-2 working days
DPD delivery takes 1-2 working days for UK deliveries and as little as 2-4 working days for international destinations*, such as the USA. For UK delivery in 1-2 working days choose DPD PickUP and drop off your parcel at your nearest DPD PickUP shop.

What does it mean if my parcel is at the delivery depot?

What does it mean? Your parcel is still with the courier who came to collect it, or at the ParcelShop you left it with. The courier has transported your parcel to their nearest collection depot, or your parcel has been collected from the ParcelShop, and is awaiting sorting at the nearest depot.

What does held in Depot mean?

Held in depot – restricted contents – the parcel contains goods that are on our prohibited goods list. The recipient may be contacted or the parcel destroyed depending on the contents.

Can you collect your parcel from DPD Depot?

Choose from one of our 2,500 local Pickup shops and we’ll have your parcel ready for you by midday tomorrow. You’ll need to be bring 2 pieces of ID, photo ID and ID with your address on it, such as a utility bill. Enter your reference number here for your options.

How many DPD depots are there?

The DPD team exceeds 15,000 people, operating over 10,000 vehicles from 84 locations and delivering over 260m parcels a year. DPD began life in the UK in 1970 as Courier Express, changing its name to Parceline in 1984 when it was acquired by Mayne Nickless of Australia.

How long does DPD take to deliver?

DPD Ireland provides an overnight delivery service anywhere in Ireland and deliver to the UK within 48 hours.

Will DPD text me before delivery?

DPD will send delivery updates by text. You’ll get a text: the day before the delivery, including tracking information and an the option to rearrange. on the morning of the delivery – you’ll get a one-hour scheduled delivery time (e.g. between 12.24 and 13.24) and the name of the DPD driver.

What time do DPD deliver too?

The delivery times vary each day from around 8am to 6pm. Drivers in other countries all deliver from Monday to Friday.

What does held at delivery depot mean UK?

Held in depot for redelivery – Our driver has attempted to deliver your parcel. It has been returned to the depot as the attempt was unsuccessful.

What is processed at Depot?

Processed at Depot. Parcel has been received at depot but has not been scanned onto a van for delivery to courier. Allow longer for tracking to update.

Why has my DPD parcel not arrived?

It may be that your parcel has been delayed. If you haven’t seen any new scans in Track and Trace for a few days, we would like to investigate the missing parcel. Inform the sender of your parcel that your parcel is missing so that they can start an investigation with our help.

Where does my DPD delivery go if I’m not in?

You’re not at home to take delivery of your order, and it’s also not possible to deliver to the neighbours? Then we’ll still do our absolute best to get the parcel to you as quickly as possible. After the first delivery attempt, DPD will deliver your parcel to the nearest Pickup parcelshop.

Where is DPD based?

DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution. Its brands are DPD, Colissimo, Chronopost, Seur and BRT. The company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market.

Who are DPD UK?

DPD are one of Europe’s leading parcel groups and are wholly owned by France’s La Poste, the second largest postal group in Europe. They are the UK’s favourite parcel delivery company – providing innovative, high quality and tine sensitive solutions.

  • October 12, 2022