What does a CAP mission scanner do?

What does a CAP mission scanner do?

You are a Mission Scanner trainee and must demonstrate basic post-crash actions, and discuss survival equipment and urgent care. Demonstrate basic post-crash actions, identify and discuss survival equipment and urgent care.

How do I become a mission scanner?

How to become a CAP Mission Scanner

  1. Obtaining Familiarization and Preparatory (F&P) Training Task Sign-offs.
  2. Complete the current CAPT 117 Emergency Services Continuing Education Examination.
  3. Complete the FEMA IS-100.
  4. Complete the FEMA IS-700.

What is the priority for support missions?

The priority for support missions is local agencies, state agencies, federal agencies like FEMA, and then the Air Force. Each wing is required to submit a comprehensive annual operations training plan to the CAP Liaison Region by the 31st of July for the following fiscal year.

What credentials are required for participation in emergency services specialty training?

To participate in emergency services training or operations, personnel must be current traditional members (not patrons, cadet sponsors, AEMs, or legislative members) having completed level one and cadet protection training (senior members) or achievement one (cadets).

Can Caps use night vision?

CAP ground resources may use night vision devices in support of SAR/DR operations while on foot or as passengers in vehicles. Use of night vision devices by drivers during motor vehicle operations is prohibited.

What is GES Civil Air Patrol?

Civil Air Patrol is America’s premier public service organization for carrying out emergency services and disaster relief missions nationwide.

Is a typical aircrew is made up of a mission pilot mission observer and mission scanner?

A typical aircrew is made up of a mission pilot, mission observer, and mission scanner. Some missions may require a mission scanner or observer to also be a qualified airborne photographer, ADIS operator, or ARCHER operator.

What does GES stand for in CAP?

General Emergency Services (GES) Completion Print.

Why are NVGs called nods?

NODs/NVGs NOD is an acronym for night optic devices. NVG is an initialism that stands for night vision goggles. The nicknames are used interchangeably by troops.

Are Civil Air Patrol first responders?

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP), is a national organization that is over 70 years old, little publicized, and made up of an all-volunteer force of about 64,000 nation-wide first responders.

What is ICUT in Civil Air Patrol?

The initial training for all CAP personnel using CAP radios is the Introductory Communications User’s Training (ICUT). This course replaced both the Basic Communications User training (BCUT) and the Advanced Communication Users training (ACUT), which are no longer taught.

How do I get a cap 101 card?

Login to eServices. Select Operations from the left hand menu and then choose the OperationsQualifications application. Select 101 Card from the Emergency Services section on the left. Fill out your personal info and then click to obtain the card.

How many missions actual or training are required after qualification to earn the technician rating?

6 Emergency Services missions
Knowledge, Training, and Performance Requirements Participate in 6 Emergency Services missions after earning a Technician rating. These can be training or actual missions.

What is the highest rank in Civil Air Patrol?

Cadet Colonel
The grade of Cadet Colonel (C/Col) is the highest grade, and final milestone that a cadet of the Civil Air Patrol may attain. The General Carl A. Spaatz Award. that garners the rank of C/Col is Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet award and honor and is achieved by less than 0.5% of all cadets nationwide.

Are Civil Air Patrol veterans?

The Civil Air Patrol consists of cadets, ages 12 to 20 years old, and senior members who are 18 and older. All members wear uniforms as part of their Civil Air Patrol duties, but the agency is not a branch of military service.

Is Civil Air Patrol considered military?

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