What did you learn about nature vs nurture from the Genie reading?

What did you learn about nature vs nurture from the Genie reading?

This case of Genie suggests that though humans have the innate capability to learn language, there is a critical period in which language must be learned to reach full linguistic capacity.

Is a feral child nature or nurture?

There are cases where parents do not care whatsoever for their child, and in extreme cases these children are classified as “feral children.” A feral child is a child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age. They have no experience of human care, nurture, or social contact.

Who is Genie in sociology?

Genie (born 1957) is the pseudonym of an American feral child who was a victim of severe abuse, neglect, and social isolation. Her circumstances are prominently recorded in the annals of linguistics and abnormal child psychology.

Does Genie support nature or nurture?

In Genie’s case it can be argued that nurture seemed to play a greater role than nature. She suffered from an environment were she was not nurtured positively. Most present day researchers agree that human traits are determined by both nature and nurture.

What is feral child in sociology?

A feral child is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and, crucially, of human language. Some feral children have been confined in isolation by other people, usually their own parents.

What is the issues that affect genies development?

Genie lacks the necessary agents of socialization affecting her cognitive development. Family is the primary factor of socialization which can help a developing child learn how to function in society. Extreme isolation and punishment by her father, impaired Genie’s ability to learn and master basic skills.

What is your one main hypothesis regarding the cause of Genie’s speech delays?

While Genie was able to learn some language after puberty, her inability to use grammar (which Chomsky suggests is what separates human language from animal communication) offers evidence for the critical period hypothesis.

What do the case of Genie and your readings tell us about language and emotional development?

Despite the tragedy that surrounds the case of Genie, her case teaches us an important lesson about language abilities. Telling a story (not necessarily in a grammatical way or even by using words) as well as understanding language are very different from being able to produce grammatical sentences in a language.

Why was Genie’s case so interesting to sociologists?

Genie and Language Development. Part of the reason why Genie’s case fascinated psychologists and linguists so deeply was that it presented a unique opportunity to study a hotly contested debate about language development. Essentially, it boils down to the age-old nature versus nurture debate.

How are feral children relevant to sociology?

Sociologists find feral children cases interesting because it gives them an opportunity to study the human outside of the realm of society. It gives sociologists a glimpse of raw humanity without the influence of culture or language.

What is the difference between feral and isolated child?

They have no social behavior, they cannot hold a conversation with you because most of them cannot talk or walk. Majority of the feral children bite, scratch and growl and walk on all four. Isolated Children have no natural language as well as emotional instability.

What learning theories were used in educating Genie give specific examples?

Learning Theories One of the concepts used in educating Genie was Bandura’s social-cognitive learning theory. According to it, a person develops new skills by observing others around them (Horsburgh & Ippolito, 2018). Genie watched the doctors and scientists and progressed rapidly as she was mimicking their behavior.

What does the results of research into Genie’s language development suggest about the critical period?

Research from Genie and late ASL learners seem to suggest a critical period exists in regard to grammatical development. The later one is introduced to language, the more difficult it is to develop and learn the grammatical rules of that language.

  • August 11, 2022