What did a military tribune do?

What did a military tribune do?

Tribune was a title of various offices in ancient Rome, the two most important of which were the tribuni plebis and tribuni militum. The military tribunes were responsible for many administrative and logistics duties, and could lead a section of a legion under a consul, or even command one alone on the battlefield.

What was a military tribune in the Roman army?

Military tribunes (tribuni militum) were originally infantry commanders. Under the early republic there were six to a legion; some were appointed by the consuls (chief executives) or military commanders, and others were elected by the people.

What was the role of tribune?

It was their duty to protect persons against the acts of magistrates, but they could also initiate prosecutions of offenders against the state.

What is the modern equivalent of a tribune?


Rank Description Equivalent
Navarchus Commander of a warship in the Roman navy. Captain (naval)
Praefectus Commander of an auxiliary cohort or wing. Colonel
Tribunus laticlavius Tribune of the broad stripe, second-in-command of a legion. Colonel

What rank is a tribune?

A military tribune (Latin tribunus militum, “tribune of the soldiers”) was an officer of the Roman army who ranked below the legate and above the centurion. Young men of Equestrian rank often served as military tribune as a stepping stone to the Senate.

Whats the definition of tribunes?

Definition of tribune (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a Roman official under the monarchy and the republic with the function of protecting the plebeian citizen from arbitrary action by the patrician magistrates. 2 : an unofficial defender of the rights of the individual.

How many soldiers are under a tribune?

The tribunes were commanders of the original legion of 3,000. By the time of the Greek historian Polybius (d. 118 BC), the tribunes numbered six, and they were appointed by the consuls. However, the process by which tribunes were chosen and assigned is complex and varies at different times.

What is another word for Tribune?

What is another word for tribune?

plebeian tribune tribunus plebis
tribune of the people tribune of the plebs

Why did they create the position of the tribune?

The tribuni plebis, known in English as tribunes of the plebs, tribunes of the people, or plebeian tribunes, were instituted in 494 BC, after the first secession of the plebs, in order to protect the interests of the plebeians against the actions of the senate and the annual magistrates, who were uniformly patrician.

How do you use Tribune in a sentence?

The two most important were the tribunes of the plebs and the military tribunes. The senate began giving tribunes more power, and, unsurprisingly, the tribunes began to feel indebted to the senate. The tribunes could also use the veto to prevent a bill from being brought before the plebeian assembly.

What Tribune means?

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