What cereal boxes are worth money?

What cereal boxes are worth money?

One of the most valuable boxes from a collector’s standpoint is a PEP cereal box from the early 1960s, now worth $2,000. Another box featuring the Beatles goes for $2,000 to $3,000.

What is the most expensive box of Wheaties?

6 1951 Wheaties Complete Box With Ted Williams ($2,500) There were five other sports stars released in this series of cereals, but Ted Williams takes the cake for being the most expensive. Who knew such a small amount of cereal could amount to $2,500 in just a few short decades.

Who was the first person on the Wheaties box?

baseman Lou Gehrig
A fictional character, a baseball player and a female pilot were the first three faces on a Wheaties box. In 1934, Wheaties featured New York Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig. He was the first living person featured.

What year did Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box?

1977: Caitlyn Jenner Jenner came out as transgender 40 years after her win, changing her name from Bruce to Caitlyn.

Why did they stop putting toys in cereal box?

A host of factors contributed to its downfall, but one of the main causes of their extinction has to do with cost. It’s no secret that toys in cereal boxes have always been a marketing gimmick, and one kids have always bought into—whether they were lured in by the Cap’n Crunch treasure chest or an Alpha Bits terrarium.

How long can I keep an unopened box of cereal?

Cereal. Shelf life: When properly stored, unopened cereal will last 6-8 months past a “best by” or “use by” date.

Who was the first female on a Wheaties box?

aviator Elinor Smith
In 1934, Wheaties featured New York Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig. He was the first living person featured. Fictional Jack Armstrong had already made an appearance on the box earlier that year, a first for Wheaties. Later in ’34, daring aviator Elinor Smith became the first woman to appear on the box.

What is the most expensive box of cereal?

The Most Expensive Cereals on the Market

  • Nature’s Path Organic Crunchy Cereals — $33.
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Granola — $33.
  • Kashi Golean Hearty Oatmeal — $32.
  • Bear Naked Granola — $30.
  • Udi’s Granola — $29.

Who was on the Wheaties box in the 60s?

Before Michael Jordan, Mary Lou Retton and Bruce Jenner, there was Bob Richards, the first athlete to be featured on the front of a Wheaties cereal box. Much has changed since Richards, a two-time Olympic pole vaulting champion, was Mr.

Who was first person on Wheaties box?

Since it first featured an athlete on its box in 1934 — New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig — Wheaties has placed the image of more than 850 athletes on the iconic orange box, 77 of whom were Olympic medalists.

Can you still get toys in cereal boxes?

Cereal giveaways also included the most popular crazes of the time such as Wallace & Gromit characters and The Simpsons toys. Kellogg’s made the decision to stop including toys in their breakfast cereals in 2009.

  • October 26, 2022