What are the parts of a framed wall?

What are the parts of a framed wall?

Parts of a wall frame

  • Top and bottom plates. The top plate runs along the top of the wall frame, and supports the roof and ceiling members.
  • Studs. Studs are the vertical members between the top and bottom plates.
  • Lintels.
  • Noggings.
  • Bracing.

What are the layers to an exterior wall?

There are just a few layers in an exterior wall. The first layer consists of framing, usually made with 2×4 or 2×6 lumber. The second layer consists of sheathing, which is often made with OSB , plywood, or pressure-treated plywood depending on the project, its use, and the area you live in.

What are the walls on the outside of a house called?

Siding. Siding is the term for the exterior walls of the home. The most common types are vinyl, aluminum, and brick.

What is a wall section?

A Wall Section is a technical drawing that lets you see inside a wall. Rarely will a wall be made of just one solid material. Most often what you see on the outside is not all there is on the inside!

What is the bottom part of the wall called?

In architecture, a baseboard (also called skirting board, skirting, wainscoting, mopboard, floor molding, or base molding) is usually wooden or vinyl board covering the lowest part of an interior wall.

What is the top part of a wall called?

At the top of the wall is the top plate. Often a doubled 2×4, it anchors the top ends of the studs as well as ties the wall into the ceiling.

What is a partial wall called?

A pony wall is also known as a half wall, stem wall, short wall, or cripple wall. Pony walls are about interior design as they are not full-height walls and are often used as room dividers.

What is a wall detail?

12/22/2013. Typical Wall Details are a handy way to define multiple interior walls in great detail just once and then tag the walls on the plans with the appropriate wall construction tag. For the tag we use a simple short section line connected to a diamond in which the letter designation of the wall type is shown.

How many layers does a wall have?

The reality is in standard construction you build things in five or six layers. This is the standard in terms of building a wall system more efficiently and we have gotten it down to a science. Generally a six layer home will give you a solid, energy efficient, comfortable home.

What is molding halfway up wall called?

Definition. Chair rail by definition is molding on an interior wall that is attached horizontally around the perimeter of a room. Most people associate chair rail as a type of trim that prevents chairs from rubbing against the walls.

What are the squares on walls called?

Picture frame moldings are just what they seem—square or rectangular shapes that look like empty pictures. They add a smart level of detail to walls in hallways and stairs.

What is bottom of wall called?

What is Corner of wall called?

You can use the term cove or coving for the concave arched molding at the junction of a wall with a ceiling. The definition of coving from britannica.com: Coving, in architecture, concave molding or arched section of wall surface.

What is a sub wall?

A sub wall is a wall below grade usually on the back of a basement or regular monoslab where the lot drops off in the back or on one side. Sub walls are used to get foundations up to grade with the rest of the house due to sloping lots or sometimes, soft soils.

What is a stem wall?

Stem-Wall slabs are constructed in a multi-part process where a footer is poured at virgin ground level, then blocks are laid forming a wall up to the finished slab elevation. This type of foundation is much more stable when fill dirt is required achieve the final build elevation.

What is house soffit?

The soffit is the material beneath the eave that connects the far edge of your roof to the exterior wall of your house. They are often vented. Besides being underneath your eaves, soffits can also be on the underside of a porch roof.

What are soffits and fascias?

Soffits and Fascias are terms used in the building trade for the finishes to the external of a building where the roof ends. These lesser known parts may go unnoticed when present, but miss them out and you would certainly spot that something didn’t look quite right.

What is a typical wall section?

The Typical Wall sheet shows section cuts of the exterior walls from the roof down through the foundation. Imagine if you could cut through a house like a cake and take a look at a cross section of the layers, thats what a wall section is.

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