What are the dimensions of a 7.5 cubic foot refrigerator?

What are the dimensions of a 7.5 cubic foot refrigerator?


Depth (Excluding Handles) 22.36 Depth (Including Handles)
Depth (Less Door) 21.85 Depth With Door Open 90 Degrees (In)
Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.) 55.51 in Height to Top of Refrigerator (in.)
Product Depth (in.) 23.22 Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.) 22.83 Refrigerator Width (In.)

What are the different sizes of mini-fridges?

✔️Size and capacity: Mini fridges, also known as compact refrigerators, vary in size from 0.14 cubic feet to 3.3 cubic feet. Mini fridges can range in size from a small 7.25″ x 10.25″ x 10.75″ to a large ‎19.5″ x 19″ x 34″. It’s best to measure the size of the space you have available first before making a purchase.

How long does a mini refrigerator last?

Remember, mini-fridges last between 6-14 years, but probably should be replaced at the 10 year mark. Make sure that you clean and care for your fridge to ensure that you get the best investment.

How tall is 7.6 cubic feet refrigerator?

55.59 in

Depth (Excluding Handles) 22.3 in 0 in
Depth (Less Door) 18.9 41.1
Height to Top of Door Hinge (in.) 55.59 in 55.59 in
Product Depth (in.) 22.36 in 55.59 in
Product Width (in.) 21.61 in 21.61 in

Will a mini fridge increase electric bill?

Mini Fridges Save Electricity In fact, a small fridge can actually lower your energy use if you’re in the habit of opening your big kitchen refrigerator a lot just to grab the next cold drink. A mini-fridge loses a lot less cold air than your kitchen fridge every time you open it, because it is so small.

Can you leave a mini fridge on all the time?

Mini Fridges have to run 24 hours a day so it’s important to look after them to prevent a fire risk.

How tall is 7.4 cubic feet refrigerator?

56 in.

Depth 22.5 in.
Nominal Height 56 in.
Nominal Width 22 in.
Product Weight 92 lbs.
Refrigerator Capacity 7.4 cu. ft.

How do you measure a 7 cubic feet refrigerator?

To calculate the cubic feet dimensions of your refrigerator, multiply the length x width x depth. Next, divide that total by 1,728 to determine size in cubic feet.

  • August 13, 2022