What are RACF commands?

What are RACF commands?

RACF command syntax

  • ADDGROUP (Add group profile)
  • ADDSD (Add data set profile)
  • ADDUSER (Add user profile)
  • ALTDSD (Alter data set profile)
  • ALTGROUP (Alter group profile)
  • ALTUSER (Alter user profile)
  • CONNECT (Connect user to group)
  • DELDSD (Delete data set profile)

What is RACF group?

A group is a RACF entity with which any number of users are associated. Usually, the users in a group have some logical relationship to one another. The relationship used most frequently is members of a department. Many installations pattern their group-user structure after their organization charts.

What is a RACF profile?

In RACF®, a profile describes the security characteristics of a user, a group of users, or one or more computer resources. User profiles.

Which utility is used for creating user ID in RACF?

Uses the DFSORT utility (or an equivalent program) to create lists of IDs from the output of the database unload (IRRDBU00) utility or from user input in a SYSIN file. Compares these IDs to the user IDs and group names contained in such RACF data fields as: Standard access list.

What are started tasks in mainframe?

A started task is a set of JCL that is run immediately as the result of a START command. Started tasks are generally used for critical applications. An advantage offered by started tasks are control over where and when the JCL is run. For example, you could have the JCL started at each IPL of the system.

How do I add a user to my RACF group?

Use the ADDUSER command to define a new user to RACF® and establish the user’s relationship to an existing RACF-defined group. The command adds a profile for the new user to the RACF database and creates a connect profile that connects the user to whichever default group you specify.

How do I find my mainframe ID?

Get your Userid and Password details for the Mainframe access. Now to get your user id and password details, click on the top left corner called “Course Lab kit”. It will open a new window which will have your username and password. You will get TSO userid and password.

What are LPAR in mainframe?

An LPAR is a subset of the processor hardware that is defined to support an operating system. An LPAR contains resources (processors, memory, and input/output devices) and operates as an independent system. Multiple logical partitions can exist within a mainframe hardware system.

What is a RACF number?

A RACF (Resource Access Control Facility) ID (identifier) is the ID used to access the Judicial Information System (JIS) Mainframe and Web applications and the Inside Courts Web site.

What is STC in mainframe?

sample. * Started Task Control (STC) are procedures started from the console which remain in its own address space. * All zOS subsystems and most system software products (e.g., CICS, IMS, DB2, WAS) are started as a STC.

  • August 26, 2022