Is actress Sophie Ward married?

Is actress Sophie Ward married?

Rena Brannanm. 2014Paul Hobsonm. 1988–1996
Sophie Ward/Spouse

What has Sophie Ward played in?

Young Sherlock Holmes1985Book of Blood2009A Village Affair1995MacGyver: Lost Treasure o…1994Return to Oz1985Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery1989
Sophie Ward/Appears in

What relation is Sophie Ward to Simon Ward?

Early life and education. Sophie Anna Ward was born in Hammersmith, London, in 1964, the eldest of the three daughters of Alexandra (née Malcolm) and actor Simon Ward, one of whom, Kitty, went on to marry to comedian Michael McIntyre.

Who is Sophie wards father?

Simon WardSophie Ward / FatherSimon Anthony Fox Ward was a British stage and film actor. He was known chiefly for his performance as Winston Churchill in the 1972 film Young Winston. He played many other screen roles, including those of Sir Monty Everard in Judge John Deed and Bishop Gardiner in The Tudors. Wikipedia

What age is Sophie Ward?

57 years (December 30, 1964)Sophie Ward / Age

Is Simon Ward still alive?

July 20, 2012Simon Ward / Date of death

What happened to Sophie wards character in heartbeat?

She was killed in an explosion at the Aidensfield police house at the end of the 15th series (2 July 2006). The explosion resulted from a homemade bomb planted by a disturbed schoolboy as revenge for the death of his dog during a police chase accident.

How old is Simon Ward?

70 years (1941–2012)Simon Ward / Age at death

Where is Simon Ward buried?

Highgate Cemetery, London, United KingdomSimon Ward / Place of burial

What illness did Simon Ward have?

blood disorder polycythaemia
He underwent brain surgery and developed the chronic blood disorder polycythaemia, which he believed resulted from the incident. However, he recovered to continue his stage career and in 1995 took over the role of the spy George Blake in Gray’s Cell Mates (Albery theatre) after Stephen Fry had walked out.

What happened to Bellamy’s first wife in Heartbeat?

At the end of the 15th series, Barry turned up in Aidensfield to take Debbie and her children with him to start a new life in South Africa. Debbie suffered from incipient alcoholism, but she left the series before this storyline could be fully developed.

How old is Strumbellas?

History. Formed in 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, the band consists of songwriter Simon Ward on vocals and guitar, David Ritter on vocals and keys, Jon Hembrey on lead guitar, Isabel Ritchie on violin, Darryl James on bass guitar, and Jeremy Drury on drums.

Is Simon Ward dead?

Does Simon Ward have a daughter?

Sophie WardKitty McIntyreClaudia Ward
Simon Ward/Daughters

Did Mrs Ventress ever appeared in Heartbeat?

His wife, “Mrs Ventress”, is regularly referred to by name but has never appeared in person. However, the episode “Windows of Opportunity” included a number of shots of a ladies’ keep fit group which Mrs Ventress was said to have attended, so she may have appeared on screen, albeit unidentified.

Where are the Strumbellas from?

Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, CanadaThe Strumbellas / Origin

Who is Sophie Ward married to?

Sophie Ward was born on December 30, 1964 in London, England. She is an actress, known for Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), Book of Blood (2009) and Jane Eyre (2011). She has been married to Rena Brannan since 2000. She was previously married to Paul Hobson. See full bio »

How old is Sophia Ward?

Sophie Anna Ward was born in Hammersmith, London, on 30 December 1964, the eldest of the three daughters of Alexandra (née Malcolm) and actor Simon Ward, one of whom, Kitty, went on to marry to comedian Michael McIntyre. In childhood, Sophia Ward trained at the Anna Scher Theatre.

Who was Sophie Ward in Heartbeat?

Sophie Anna Ward (born 30 December 1964) is an English actress and novelist. Early in her career she played Elizabeth Hardy, the love interest of Sherlock Holmes in the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes. She played Dr Helen Trent/Walker in British television police drama series Heartbeat in 40 episodes from 2004 to 2006.

Who is Jo Ward and what has she been in?

Ward started work as an actress when she was aged 10, and has worked in film, television and theatre. She trained as a dancer under ballerina Merle Park. One of Ward’s early film roles was in the film Young Sherlock Holmes directed by Barry Levinson.

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