In which country is Katas Raj temple?

In which country is Katas Raj temple?

The temple complex surrounds a pond named Katas which is regarded as sacred by Hindus. The complex is located in the Potohar Plateau region of Pakistan’s Punjab province….Katas Raj Temples.

Katas Raj Temples کٹاس راج مندر
Location Choa Saidanshah
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Can Indian visit Katas Raj temple?

The Katas Raj Temples complex is built around a pond, which is considered sacred by Hindus. Visits to religious places are covered under the Pakistan-India Protocol on Visits to Religious Shrines, 1974 and Pakistan regularly issues visas to Indians for pilgrimage.

Why is Katas Raj important?

Katas Raj was also an important site for the Sikhs as Guru Nanak visited it several times. The Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh also regularly made pilgrimages here. He visited the temple complex in 1806, 1818 and 1824.

How many Masjid are there in Pakistan?

“Essential services have been reopened, and offering prayers as part of a congregation is also an essential service,” Hanif Jallandhri, a Pakistani religious leader who leads a network of more than 20,000 mosques and religious schools, tells Al Jazeera.

How old are Katas Raj temples?

History. The smaller temples, built in pairs around the larger central temple, were built around 900 years or so ago, although the earliest of them dates back to the latter half of the 6th century AD.

Is there a Hindu temple in Saudi?

Though having an adequate population of Hindus, there is no Hindu temple or any other place of worship for non-Muslims and the freedom of religion of non-Muslims is very much limited.

Is there any Sikh in Pakistan?

Sikhism in Pakistan has an extensive heritage and history, although Sikhs form a small community in Pakistan today. Most Sikhs live in the province of Punjab, a part of the larger Punjab region where the religion originated in the Middle Ages, with some also residing in Peshawar in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

Who is biggest masjid in Pakistan?

Grand Mosque Allahabad is located in Kandiaro, Sindh. Seventh largest mosque in the world, and the largest in Pakistan in terms of surface area.

  • October 7, 2022