How old is Alistair Mckenzie?

How old is Alistair Mckenzie?

52 years (February 8, 1970)Alastair Mackenzie / Age

How tall is Alastair Mackenzie?

5′ 9″Alastair Mackenzie / Height

Who is Alastair Mackenzie married to?

Susan VidlerAlastair Mackenzie / Spouse

What was Alastair Mackenzie in?

Alastair Mackenzie was born in 1970 in Trinafour, Perth and Kinross, Scotland. He is an actor and writer, known for Monarch of the Glen (2000), Borgen (2010) and Wolf Hall (2015).

What happened Alistair McKenzie?

Alistair McKenzie, teacher, musician, entertainer and golfer, of Grantown-on-Spey, has died aged 78.

Who plays Mackenzie in Coronation Street?

Emmerdale actor Lawrence Robb has given fans a glimpse of his off-screen life after he joined the ITV soap in October 2020.

Who plays Gregory in Skins?

Alastair Mackenzie
Gregory South was a minor character that appeared in Series 6 of Skins (UK). He was potrayed by Alastair Mackenzie.

Does Archie come back to Monarch of the Glen?

Monarch of the Glen was loosely based on Sir Compton Mackenzie’s Highland Novels. The first book was also called Monarch of the Glen and featured the return of Archie MacDonald to his homeland, to face up to his family responsibilities.

Why does Archie leave Glenbogle?

I was there for four-and-a-half years, made some lifelong friends and left a big piece of my heart in the hills up there.” Despite the on-set camaraderie and the healthy paycheck, Mackenzie had his reasons for leaving. “I actually thought there was nowhere else for my character to go,” he explains.

How old is Natalie J Robb?

47 years (December 3, 1974)Natalie J. Robb / Age

How old is Nick Miles?

Nick Miles
Born 1962/1963 (age 59–60) Moseley, Birmingham, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1993–present
Spouse(s) Stephanie Lumb ​ ( m. 2006)​

Does Mini go to Sydney?

After some gentle coaxing, she goes to her father and confesses to the pregnancy. They then make arrangements to fly to Sydney in a couple of days, and Mini goes home to pack.

Does Archie marry Lexie?

Lexie struggles to become the new Lady of Glenbogle after her marriage to Archie, but she can’t let go of some of her old duties, especially cooking.

What happened to Alastair Mackenzie in Monarch of the Glen?

1. Alastair Mackenzie (Archie) Alastair is probably best known for playing lead character Archie in Monarch of the Glen, but he’s kept himself very busy since it ended in 2005. On TV, he has had roles in Lewis, Black Mirror, Skins, Borgen and recurring roles in Wolf Hall and ITV’s The Loch.

What age is Moira Barton?

Moira left when she was 18. She is now 49.”

Was Nick Miles in the bill?

The Bill (TV Series 1984–2010) – Nick Miles as Ch. Supt. Guy Mannion, Brgh. Cmdr.

Who played Guy Mannion in the bill?

Nick Miles
Chief Superintendent Guy Mannion was a recurring character in The Bill from 1999 until 2001. He was played by Nick Miles. Mannion originally appeared as the officer in charge of Sun Hill’s neighbouring station and perennial rivals, Barton Street.

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