How do you use mutiny in a sentence?

How do you use mutiny in a sentence?

Noun The mutiny was led by the ship’s cook. The sailors staged a mutiny and took control of the ship.

What is the synonym of mutiny?

Some common synonyms of mutiny are insurrection, rebellion, revolt, revolution, and uprising. While all these words mean “an outbreak against authority,” mutiny applies to group insubordination or insurrection especially against naval authority.

Is mutiny a crime?

A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.

What is the difference between mutiny and rebellion?

Mutiny is when people overthrow or rebel against a person in a position of power. It is usually used when talking about sailors or soldiers. Example: There was a mutiny over the captain’s decision. Rebellion is pretty much the same thing as mutiny, but it is a more commonly used phrase.

What are the antonyms of mutinous?

antonyms for mutiny

  • calm.
  • peace.
  • obedience.
  • subservience.

What is mutinous soldier?

/ˈmjuː.tɪ.nəs/ us. /ˈmjuː.tən.əs/ (especially of a sailor or a soldier) refusing to obey orders or attempting to take control from people in authority: The mutinous sailors took control of the ship. Mutinous soldiers occupied the state radio station in the capital.

What is the difference between war and mutiny?

Expert-verified answer In simple words, mutiny refers to any type of rebellion against an authority. War is a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country or within societies of a country.

What does a mutineer do?

A mutineer is someone who rebels against authority. If a group of kids refuses to go back inside the school when recess is over, you can call them mutineers. Mutiny is the act of revolt or opposition against an authority like the captain of a ship or the commander of an army.

Has the US ever had a mutiny?

The second USS Somers was a brig in the United States Navy during the John Tyler administration which became infamous for being the only U.S. Navy ship to undergo a mutiny which led to executions.

What does Scurfy mean?

: thin dry scales detached from the epidermis especially in an abnormal skin condition specifically : dandruff. Other Words from scurf. scurfy \ ˈskər-​fē \ adjective.

What is the punishment for being a mutineer?

Any officer or soldier, who shall begin, excite, or cause, or join in, any mutiny or sedition in any troop or company in the service of the United States, or in any party, post, detachment or guard, shall suffer death, or such other punishment as by a court martial shall be inflicted. Article 8.

How many mutinies have there been?

Under Alexander’s rule, there were two famed mutinies, the first of which was the Hyphasis Mutiny in 326 BCE. The second took place about two years later.

Is enmity the same as hate?

The term hatred implies an intense feeling of dislike and resentment towards a person, but the term enmity refers to the hatred, hostility, anger and resentment two people or two parties have towards each other.

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