How did the guy from Moesha died?

How did the guy from Moesha died?

car crash
LOS ANGELES – Lamont Bentley, who was a regular in the 1990s sitcom “Moesha” and appeared frequently in television and movies, was killed in a car crash, his manager said Wednesday. Bentley died Tuesday night when his vehicle plunged off the San Diego Freeway, manager Susan Ferris said.

Who all died off Moesha?

‘Moesha’ star Yvette Wilson lost her battle with cervical cancer on June 14. Yvette Wilson, 48, known for playing Andell Wilkerson on Moesha and spinoff show The Parkers has died after …

How old is Moesha?

Moesha is 15–16 years old in season 1, and is 20-21 by season 6. William Allen Young as Franklin “Frank” Mitchell – A Saturn car dealer and father to Moesha and Myles. Originally thought to be Dorian’s uncle, he is later revealed to be the young man’s father.

Who was pregnant on Moesha season 6?

After five years on TV, it ended with a major cliffhanger that fans still are not over to this day. The finale saw Moesha moving in with Hakeem, a pregnancy test being discovered in her dorm room, and someone kidnapping Moesha’s brother Miles.

Was Moesha pregnant?

Moesha ended in 2001, with The Parkers debuting two years earlier in 1999. The Parkers ran for five successful seasons. Brandy did guest star in one episode for Kim’s Halloween-themed birthday party. The plan to announce who was pregnant never came to fruition.

How much is Lamont Sanford worth?

Wilson is best known for playing the role of Lamont Sanford in the NBC television series Sanford and Son. At six years old Demond’s appendix ruptured and almost killed him….Demond Wilson Net Worth.

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Nationality: United States of America

How old is Lamont Sanford today?

Demond Wilson, who played Lamont Sanford, was born on October 13th in 1946, and is currently 75 years old.

Did Moesha and Q date in real life?

The on-screen chemistry between Brandy and Starr was so convincing that many assumed they dated during their time together on the show. Starr once alleged that he and Brandy were intimate in a 2008 interview but Brandy never gave the rumor any light.

Why did Kim leave Moesha?

Kim was written out of the series by being accepted at Santa Monica College, while her friends made different plans and Moesha took a job at Vibe magazine.

Will there be a season 7 of Moesha?

Since Moesha season 7 never happened, the storyline was never resolved. According to EW, UPN canceled Moesha because of poor ratings; however, at the time, UPN planned to address the pregnancy cliffhanger in the spin-off series The Parkers, which premiered on the network in 1999.

  • August 29, 2022