How can I control my LG TV without a remote?

How can I control my LG TV without a remote?

If you don’t have a remote, use the physical buttons to turn the TV on. Open the app and press the ‘+’ symbol on top of the screen. Go to home appliances and select your LG TV model. A verification code will pop up on your TV, enter it in the app.

How do I read my LG model number?

The first digits refer to the screen size, followed by the screen type (S = Super UHD, N = NanoCell), and the development year (2018 = K, 2019 = M, L appears to have been skipped). The next number is the series and then the model within that series. Usually the higher the number, the better the specs.

Can I use any remote for my LG TV?

LG TVs are compatible with the standard LG remote, the LG Magic Remote, and some third-party remotes. The Magic Remote is universal and may be used with any LG TV which makes it a good option in case you have several TVs and want convenience around remote controls.

Can I use my phone as a remote for LG TV?

That’s because with LG TV Plus, our Smart TV remote app for Android and Apple, you can turn your phone or your tablet into a remote control, too. To get started, download LG TV Plus for your Apple or Android phone or tablet from iTunes or Google Play.

Where is Settings button on LG TV?

Press the SMART button on the remote control and select Settings > Option on the TV menu. Scroll down the page and select Mode Setting. To change the Mode Setting select Home or Store. (If Home is selected then the menu will exit.)

What do LG model numbers mean?

1: The single number following the letter denoting which series a TV belongs to reflects the year of release. Here, the 1 shows it came out in 2021. 4LA: These additional numbers and letters are the least important. They indicate the sales region, type of broadcast tuner and the type of stand the TV uses.

How do I reset my LG TV?

Press the Smart button on your remote, then click the Gear icon in the top right, then General > Reset to Initial Settings.

  • August 9, 2022