Does Tupperware have a lifetime warranty Canada?

Does Tupperware have a lifetime warranty Canada?

Tupperware® brand products are warranted by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.

Does Tupperware still exist?

Tupperware parties are a blast from the past if there ever was one. If you were wondering whether Tupperware still exists, and if they even have those parties anymore, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Why is it called Tupperware?

Named after Earl Tupper, who invented the product in 1942 and founded the company that produced it. Thus it is a genericised trademark.

How do I get my Tupperware replaced?

To Request a Replacement Part Contact your Tupperware Independent Representative or call Customer Care at 1-800-887-7379. To expedite your call, please locate the mold number on the product prior to contacting.

Can old Tupperware be replaced?

Tupperware shall have the right to determine if the item is defective and, at its option, replace it with a similar or equivalent item, or provide credit toward future purchases of Tupperware® brand products. Warranty replacement requires shipping the product to Tupperware at your expense.

How do Tupperware consultants stay active?

So…HOW DO YOU STAY ACTIVE? You remain active as long as you have $250 in retail sales in a ROLLING 4 months. The rolling 4 months means that in ANY 4 months, you need to have $250 in sales.

Can I exchange my old Tupperware?

How do I get my broken Tupperware replaced?

Tupperware Replacement Lids – Where Can I Get My Tupperware Replaced?

  1. Call Tupperware’s customer care service at 1-800-TUPPERWARE (1-800-887-7379).
  2. Find a local Tupperware consultant.
  3. Email their customer service.
  4. Talk to Chat Live (there’s a button on the bottom right side of the homepage).

How do I claim replacement Tupperware?

Simply keep your proof of purchase (if you have a paper receipt, we recommend you keep a photo of it for your records) to submit to us should you require assistance in the future. To start your warranty claim, click here and follow the steps to lodge your claim. We’ll then assess your claim, at our discretion.

Which vintage Tupperware is toxic?

Daffodil Yellow”
Testing of the “Daffodil Yellow” vintage (circa 1972) Tupperware. In follow-up testing of the other product colours – she found some tested positive for mercury and cadmium– as well as lead and arsenic – all metals that are poisonous to humans.

Can you make a living selling Tupperware?

As a Tupperware sales consultant, you’ll earn a percentage of the sales you make. To become a consultant, you’ll need to work with a current consultant to join. Then, host parties, promote the products, and meet your sales minimums.

  • August 21, 2022