Can you save wave petunia seeds?

Can you save wave petunia seeds?

For example, Wave petunias are hybrids. You can save the seeds but the plants are highly unlikely to have the vigor and deep coloration that is so appealing.

How do you grow Wave petunias from seed?

Do not cover the seeds: they need light to germinate. Place the seeding flat in a tray with a half inch of water, and cover the tray with clear plastic. Germination should occur within 5-7 days. Grow on the dry side, but don’t let the plants wilt.

Can you save hybrid seeds?

You can save seed from hybrid plants or from plants that have been cross pollinated. It is important to note, however, that the plants you grow from these saved seeds will carry the genetics from both ‘parents’ and may display different characteristics than you are expecting.

Can you save pansy seeds?

Pansy seeds store well for two years and may remain viable for longer when stored in the proper location. Light and heat ruins the seed, so select a cool, dark location for storage. A basement storage room or dark pantry works well. You can also store the seeds in the refrigerator if you keep them in a sealed jar.

What is a wave petunia?

Wave petunias are aggressive ground covering annuals that can be grown from seed —often making these plants the more affordable option. Due to their spreading nature, Wave petunias grow great in flower beds and gardens; they can also grow well in pots or hanging baskets.

Can you save supertunia seeds?

Since Supertunias are not grown from seed, they do not have a natural tendency to want to go back to seed. Because of how they are propagated, each plant is very consistent in how it grows and blooms.

How tall do Wave petunias get?

4 feet
Wave petunia plants have a spreading growth habit, with the ability to fill flower beds with their blooms that sprout all along their stems, which can reach up to 4 feet (1 m.).

What are F1 seeds?

The term ‘F1’ just stands for Filial 1 or ‘first children’. F1 hybrids, which are largely annual and vegetable cultivars, are produced by crossing two stable seed lines (called inbred lines) that give rise to especially uniform progeny that possess good vigour, yield and other properties.

Do F1 seeds come true?

Cons: Seeds saved from F1 hybrid plants will not produce plants that are true to the parent type. F1 hybrid seed is expensive as it has to be recreated by crossing the parent inbred lines again. Self pollination of the parent inbred lines leads to poor quality plants called ‘selfs’.

What is a Crazytunia?

Crazytunias are multi-branching, fast growing petunias that will not get straggly as they grow. The self-cleaning flowers can take extreme weather, including rain and heat without missing a beat. Crazytunia petunias are perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers!

What are Superbells?

Super Bells are a variety of Petunia called Calibrachoa and are also commonly known as mini Petunia or Million Bells. These plants made their debut in the nineties and have delighted gardeners ever since.

  • October 28, 2022