Can I use any rechargeable batteries in my Energizer charger?

Can I use any rechargeable batteries in my Energizer charger?

Can non-rechargeable Alkaline, Heavy Duty or Lithium batteries be used in an Energizer® charger? ↑ No, non rechargeable batteries cannot be placed in any charger. Charging of non-rechargeable types may cause the batteries to explode or leak.

What does blinking red light mean on Energizer battery charger?

If the light blinks red in about 90 seconds after battery insertion, then the battery voltage is too low. Leave the batteries in the charger, while the light continues to blink red, for about 24 hours.

Do all rechargeable batteries use the same charger?

Not all battery chargers work with all batteries. There are multiple differences in material composition and electrical capacity between rechargeable batteries, and using the wrong charger can damage the battery, and possibly cause an explosion.

Can you put Duracell rechargeable batteries in Energizer charger?

You can use rechargeable batteries in absolutely any device where you would normally use an alkaline battery, unless stated otherwise by the device manufacturer. There are no interference implications using rechargeable battery brands that are different to the device brand.

Do Energizer rechargeable batteries work with Duracell charger?

Can I charge other brands’ rechargeable batteries in a Duracell charger? Yes, Duracell chargers will charge other NiMH AA or AAA batteries. However, Duracell cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or performance of other battery brands, so using Duracell rechargeable batteries is recommended.

How long do Energizer AAA batteries take to charge?

Energizer Recharge Value Charger

Charge Time Charge Batteries Charger Location
5 hours* AA/AAA HOME
Auto Shutoff LED Charging Indicator Warranty

How do you charge Energizer rechargeable batteries?

Lift the prongs of the AC plug until fully extended. Plug charger into a standard 110-120 volt AC outlet. The green LED will light during charging. – It is normal for batteries to become warm while charging and is no cause for alarm.

  • September 23, 2022