Can I buy items from eBay from Singapore?

Can I buy items from eBay from Singapore? is the largest marketplace in the world with millions of products for sale everday and, thanks to Borderlinx, you can now ship it all to Singapore. Whatever you need (DVDs, books, the Kindle or Apple products, toys, headphones or clothing, jewelry and kitchenware), chances are you’ll find it on

Do you have to pay customs for eBay?

If you’re buying from a seller who isn’t sending the item through the Global Shipping Program, you’ll pay the cost of delivery at checkout. However, you may still have to pay any necessary customs, import fees, and taxes when your item arrives.

Is it safe to buy from international sellers on eBay?

It is something to be aware of as a buyer, because if an item fails to clear customs, it may mean a delay in shipment. The seller should be responsible for any return fees if this happens. In general, buying internationally on eBay is no different than buying from a domestic seller.

How do I buy from eBay us to Singapore?

How to Shop on eBay and Ship to Singapore?

  1. Navigate to eBay’s US website.
  2. Register as a New eBay Member.
  3. After the registration, please change the region to Singapore.
  4. Click “Addresses”.
  5. Find “Registration address, email and phone number” and click “Edit” to change your country to Singapore.

How do I change the currency on eBay?

Search for an item. In the upper right corner of the search results (pictured below), select “Customize” from the View dropdown menu. In the pop-up window, check the “Convert prices to U.S. dollars” option. Select the blue button labeled “Apply changes.”

Is AliExpress Singapore?

Does AliExpress ship to Singapore? AliExpress does ship to Singapore.

Does eBay charge tax on international purchases?

The collection process will apply to all sales, whether the seller is located in or outside of the United States. If your shipping address is in one of the marketplace responsibility states within the US, applicable sales tax will be collected by eBay and included in the order total at checkout.

Can you get scammed in eBay?

The online auction site launched in 1995, and scammers have used it ever since. eBay involves a lot of trust on behalf of the buyer and the seller, but it’s relatively easy for that trust to be exploited. The company has put in some safeguards, but you can do a lot to protect yourself as an eBay user.

Does eBay Global shipping ship to Singapore?

The seller may use the global shipping program but the program does not ship all items to all countries so if the listing does not have a shipping cost to Singapore, that means that items cannot be shipped there with the gsp.

How do I buy from eBay overseas?

Using the Global Buying Hub

  1. Sign in to the Global Buying Hub. If you’re not already registered on an eBay site. you’ll need to register on any eBay site.
  2. Select the country where you live, or from which you want to shop.
  3. Select the language you prefer.
  4. Search for items.

Does eBay charge international fees?

The International fee is calculated on the total amount of the sale and is automatically deducted from your sales proceeds….International fee for eBay global sellers (excluding EU Unsited)

Seller registered address country or region International fee
Europe Unsited (excl. EU) 1.30%
Rest of World 1.55%

Is there Alibaba in Singapore?

To our surprise, many local Singaporean companies discovered us on Alibaba, so we have also expanded our local business on the platform. We had already heard of Alibaba from online news in the late 1990s. In 2004, we decided to join Alibaba and started our e-commerce business.

Is AliExpress safe in Singapore?

It is definitely safe to shop on AliExpress. As all packages come with a tracking number, it is very easy to keep track of your parcel. Missing, damaged, or incorrect items are also not very common. The risks are no higher than shopping on any other online platform.

How does eBay handle international shipping?

eBay international standard delivery is a Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) shipping service. This means buyers won’t pay duties and tax at checkout on eBay but may have to pay the carrier for duties and tax on delivery. The Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program.

Do I pay sales tax on international purchases?

Sales of goods from outside a state (whether from another US state or foreign country) for delivery into the state are generally subject to sales or use tax (unless an exemption or exclusion applies). If a good is imported into a state by a purchaser that did not pay sales tax on the good, use tax may be due.

Do I have to pay to receive a parcel from abroad?

If you are receiving a shipment from abroad there is no duty-free amount. Exemptions are only available when traveling. Your friend paid the cost of shipping and was given an option, either to have duty and taxes charged back to them or to have you pay duty and taxes.

  • August 26, 2022